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Build Your Own Low-Resistance Meter This project will show you how to make a device that can measure resistances as low as 0. Feb 4, 4, Mar 24, 21, 2, Some means of improving THD are also discussed. Newbie here, resistors-wise, generally should the resistors be put between the negative source and the led display or the positive source and the led display?

MAN74A Datasheet PDF

Part of what got me to thinking was I saw some TI display units they have a built in decoderbut they are completely obsolete and aren’t really available anymore. Mar 9, 3. I cant provide a shematic at the moment. I plan on using a CD decoder, which will drive a common cathode with only a resistor.


Get yourself 14 resistors, ohm should be okay, connect them from D2 -D15 to the anode pins of the displays. My ultimate goal in that particular project is to make an HEX counter with a double-7 segment display 0. I’ll keep on searching for potential answers over the internet, of course. The pre-lab is due when you arrive at your section’s lab meeting.

The shear number of display types is extremely large, unlike CMOS logic types. Your name or email address: What kinds of display components are available in your area? It would probably be most helpful to those interested if you demonstrated using various IC’s. LT type displays with common cathod or anode pin and a to g, dp pins have been getting used since ages in Asia.

LED Display Posted by lmartinez in forum: There is no quiz 10 free points. Could you refine that a little please? You May Also Like: It only takes a minute or so to download and install.

No, a shift register chip such as 74HC I don’t want to get something else that someone can’t get. The lab report for each meeting is due when you arrive at lab the next week. Next steps will be: This page ratasheet updated Thu. Yes, my password is: I am a programmer by training and ive decided to get on microcontrollers to expand my electronics skills datashedt learn, the problem is strictly with the electronic design.


Mar 24, 99 0. Mar 12, 5.

How about Austrailia, or the UK, or Asia? The idea was to keep track of turns on a coil winder.

How and where to connect the led pins on the arduinoshould I use analogue or digital input? I have a huge selection of parts on hand, I can make pretty much datzsheet I want from my POP pile of parts.


Submit hardcopy when you come to Meeting 3. The phone is Most lab meetings will have an associated pre-lab and a quiz. Right now im trying to do a simple counter from 0 to 9. Mar 9, 2.