Mahalasa Narayani is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Goddess Mahalasa Narayani is worshipped mainly in Goa, parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. . Meenakshi Pancharatna Stotram – Prayer to Goddess. Mhalsa (Marathi: म्हाळसा, IAST: Mhāḷasā), also spelled as Mhalasa or Mahalasa is a Hindu goddess. She is venerated in two distinct traditions. As an independent goddess, she is considered as a form of Mohini, the female avatar of the god Vishnu and is called Mhalsa Narayani. Shaktihi Sarvagyasarvashaktishcheti Kilakam | Shri Mahalasa Narayani () || Om Mahalasaye Namaha || || Ithi Shri Mahalasashtottara Shatanamastotram.

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Later, more Saraswat families came to Goa and they too brought with them their own family deities. Oh Goddess who has the form of Lord Shivawho holds a trident, who adorns herself with the crescent and snake and who rides on the great bull, Stortam salutations to you, Narayani 7.

You can transfer the amount to the following account: Oh Goddess who holds mace, wheel, conch and bow in your hands, and who is the form of Lord Vishnube pleased with us, Our salutations to you, Narayani 9. Authored by His Holiness Guruji Shri Suresh J Pai, who is the Dharmadarshi of the Kshetra, the book is a powerful lighthouse for devotees who wish to embark on a spiritual journey to find a true Guru. Hey powerful one, who leads to evolution of earth from the micro time and who is the main force in the destruction of the world, Our salutations to you, Narayani Kashta is the time when eyes blink and open naturally for 18 times and kala is 30 kashtas.

The worship of this deity prevailed from the very ancient times among stotfam Saraswat Brahmins from times before their settlement in Goa, or Gomantak as it was known. Life has no meaning without spiritual discipline.


These 10 families brought with them their following family deities: These are small measurements of time. Vaishnavism of the Gowd Saraswat Brahmins and a few Konkani folklore tales.

In the Mahalasa Narayani form, Mahalasa has mahallasa hands, carrying a Trishulaa sword, a severed head, and a drinking bowl.


Two shivlingas appeared on this occasion. This prayer was done by all devas after the Godess exterminated Shumbha, Nishumbha and their army. She was so beautiful that the eyes of all demons got riveted on her face. The idol of Shri Mahalasa is in standing position and has four hands; there is a Trishul trident in the right back hand and an Amrut Kumbha in left back hand. Mapin Publishing Pvt Mahalass. Oh Goddess who stogram a giver of all good things, who is peaceful, who is a giver of all wealth, who can be relied upon, who has three eyes and who is golden in colour, Our salutations to you, Narayani 3.

According to another legend linking her to Khandoba, the god Shiva was enchanted by Mohini. Retrieved from ” http: Shivadhoothi swaroopena hatha daithya maha bale, Ghora roope, maharave, Narayani namosthuthe.

For details, click here. She also wears the yajnopavita sacred mzhalasawhich is generally dedicated on male deities. Pai is now available in Kannada.

PUBLICATIONS – || Welcome to Shri Mahalasa Narayani’s Temple at Harikhandige ||

Forms of Vishnu Hindu goddesses Forms of Parvati. This book is presently available in Kannada, and Marathi, English edition is expected at a later date. In recent years, due to the increased popularity of the goddess, new temples have been established in VernaKumtaMudgeriKundapuraBasruruShirvaMangaluruKasargodHarikhandige, Malpe and other areas mostly along coastal Karnataka.

Mhalsa is often depicted with two arms and accompanying Khandoba on his horse or standing besides him.

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Narayani Stotram

Oh Goddess Bhadrakalisalutations to you, let your horrifying trident surrounded by flames, which is very angry and is being kept to trouble all asuras, protect us from fear. Barring this, the entire other original construction is untouched and is indicative mahaasa the ancient exquisite workmanship.

There are many stories associated with how the idol of Mahalasa came to be installed in the temple at Mardol. Saranagatha deenaartha, parithrana parayane, Sarvsyarthi hare devinarayani namosthuthe.

Mohini seized the amruta from the demons and served it to the gods. She promised him to be his wife in her earthly incarnation avtar when he would be incarnated stotran Khandoba on earth. The Guru puts a disciple on the path to ultimate devotion, both to the Guru Himself and to the Supreme Lord. Oh Goddess who has the form of Shiva Dhoothi, who killed the great army of asuraswho has a horriying look and who has a great soundOur salutations to you, Narayani Mohini is worshipped as Mhalasa Narayani or Mhalasa.

In order magalasa help the Gods, Lord Vishnu had to take the avatar incarnation of Mohini or the Enchantress. Ethathe vadanam soumyam, lochana thraya bhooshitham, Pathu na sarva bhoothebhya, kathyayani namosthuthe. Retrieved 5 February Apart from the best-selling Charitra of Shri Mahalasa Narayani, the ultimate Gita of Kulavis and other devotees, Shri Mahalasa Narayani Devi Kshetra has published several insightful and devotional books.

Sarva mangala mangalye, Shive, sarvartha sadhake, Saranye triambike Gowri narayani namosthuthe. The god Vishnu took the form of the enchantress, Mohini.

For undertaking the journey, we need a guide. Dehejia 1 January