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For data and forecasts on current programs please visit www. or call +1 April M mm Self -Propelled Gun -. The M mm self-propelled Gun was largely deployed in NATO areas and its ammunition was commonly used throughout NATO forces. One such artillery piece is the M self-propelled howitzer. This mm artillery piece entered service in , alongside the M

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Because both the M and M are fully-modular and thier weapons are easily interchangeable, Ms frequently became Ms – and vice-versa – in armies that operated both weapons. The M has an extremely-low fire rate, a maximum of 2 shots per minute. Notify me of new posts by email. US Military news Published on An Israeli M self-propelled gun in Latrun. Given the amount of firing on-going, this was a potential crisis for field units, and the impact was heard at the Secretary of Defense level.

Big gun, big swear. M Recovery Vehicle in action. Although the M was also built by the FMC Corporation and Bowen-McLaughlin-York, the initial bidder was Pacific Car and Foundry, chosen by Detroit tank arsenal because of the patented key features of the M55 which were provided, like the gas equilibrator barrel balance system, and associated pendulum sensor, no back pawl limits and taper hydraulic recoil cylinders, or the hydraulic lockout of the suspensions when shooting.

The fatigue life of this replacement design was increased at least ten-fold from the original design, and in service failure was eliminated. M ; this is basically the same chassis, mounting a mm howitzer instead of a mm gun. There is room for 5 crew members on board. In order to achieve acceptable fatigue resistance, the majority of artillery cannon designs up to the s used gun steel at strength levels of aboutpsi yield strength.

175mm Self-Propelled Gun M107

M mm in Vietnam. In other words, the tube that has been autofrettaged will be capable of withstanding a higher internal ballistic mm107 than its non-autofrettaged counterpart without going to a thicker tube wall.


Temper embrittlement also contributed to brittle failure mode. The artillery piece and servants were well protected by a turret-like superstructure but it was quite heavy, at 44 tons, but had a gasoline engine which gave reduced range and could cause possible explosion hazards. Ms also had sufficient range to hit the Syrian capital of Damascus [ citation needed ]. This brought the Army to build a new series of self-propelled guns, lighter and transportable by air, derive from the same frame and some same mounting.

The M is operated by a crew of 13 men. In addition to its 175,m in performing maintenance on the M and M, and for recovery of damaged or inoperable vehicles, this vehicle has seen wide use in a variety of engineering roles. Longer tempering times allowed impurities to migrate to grain boundaries.

The M was retired in the s from the US Army arsenal, gradually replaced by the M, but still soldiers on in many countries around the world. The mm T and the mm T Its hallmark was its 175mm mobility which allowed to evade counter-battery fire and range capabilities, mm107 even the best Soviet-built artillery pieces of SPGs like the 2S7 Pionand was employed with success by destroying command, control, communications facilities and supply trains.

After some examination it was determined that the lower life tubes exhibited inter granular cracking vs the longer lived tubes that primarily exhibited trans-granular cracking. The M has a larger open working space than the closed space of tank-like self-propelled artillery such as the M howitzer. When these guns were m1077 by rocket fire from Tyre 175mmm, they were upgraded with the addition of extended range, full-bore ammunition and new powder supplied by Gerald Bull ‘s Space Research Corporation.

The barrels could not be replaced using a single M due to weight and the need for precise placement of the barrel into the cradle to prevent damaging the barrel brass runners. Want to publish your own articles?

Both the M and M use the same drive train components as the M light recovery vehicle. It was designed based upon requirements that were determined by the US Army in the late s. Also, higher strength material allows the cannon to be fired at greater pressures for improved performance and range. M, mm Vietnam.


M mm Self Propelled Gun Photos Page 1

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It was intended to provide long-range fire support in an air-transportable system. Although withdrawn from U. Certain country replaces it by trucks 6 X 6, whose possibilities any ground are however quite lower than that of the gun itself. As a result when Charlie started using the mighty mm M46 on our firebases our mm 175nm mm howitzers were badly outranged.

At field force the proportion of 8-inch and mm. In addition, the diesel allowed for a generous km range miles. Protection against casualties by NBC weapons requires the crew to don m07 clothing, such as the MOPP suit, but no protection is offered 175mk any crewman against any weapons. The driver operates the positions spade and the barrel travel lock. Its sole and main armament consisted of a mm gun with a Barrel length of 60 calibers standard versionbut reduced to 30 at the origin, which fired a projectile weighing 79 kg at a maximum firing range of 40 km 34 at the originmaximum rate of fire or 1 rpm.

It equiped many countries, in particular the United States. The manual backup was used to lay the gun, since the hydraulic control was too coarse. October 18, at 2: The Number one cannoneer opens and closes the breech, verifies ramming of the round with ram rod and powder load red on the rag which means he can see the red igniter patch to verify that the powder is not put in backwards[8] loads the primer, hooks up the lanyard pig tailpulls lanyard on command, and unlocks the right spade lock.