Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. Lynxmotion SSC32U Servo Controller Board. Electronics Guide. Lynxmotion SSCU USB Servo Controller Board. Revisions. V August Feedback. Users Manual SSC Ver SSC Ver Manual written for firmware version SSCXE. Range is mS to mS. Lynxmotion, Inc. PO Box

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These do exist, but they are much harder to find and pricier than the 5VDC power supplies. You can have too much voltage, but not lynxmotiion much current. This stands for Voltage Logic, or the power that will run the actual board itself and power up the chips on the board.

As shown above, make sure that the “Bits per second” line says Now it should look like the picture below:. If it does not, change it so that it does, and click OK. Lgnxmotion your servos AND the board itself. The servo controller supports up to 32 channels of 1uS resolution.

This input will accept any voltage between 6 and 9 VDC and requires only about half an amp of current. Be sure to also change the jumpers on the Lynxmotion SSC to reflect the desired rate.

Lynxmotion SSC-32

Note that is the default and should not be changed unless required. In some cases, it can even drag down the power supply and cause it to overheat.

They should come like that. Type in the following exactly as it appears on the next line, then click OK:. Lynxmotion loses communication with roborealm I’m having an issue with the lynxmotion Oynxmotion.


However, now I would like it to do cool st Note that if you set a servo channel to be positioned using a variable’s value you will lose manual control over that servo. Bank lynxmltion Select the appropriate bank of servos that you would like to configure.

If you see a black screen check the Options button and select an active camera in the dropdown list. Inputs – select which type of input you wish to receive. You will get a dialog box. Changing the variable value, however, will change that servo’s position. To make it easier than looking at the actual board, here is a diagram of the board with NO jumpers in place:. During this movement the servo variable within RoboRealm will be updated to reflect the current position of the servo.

Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller

Whichever way it says it, those are the jumpers we are talking about. Click on the previous link. If it is not, double click on lyynxmotion number it is set for and select from the drop down menu that appears. Go to “Tools” and then “Settings”. But it would have to be a 6VDC Power supply with enough current to run all your servos and the board. This can be used as an additional precaution in case your servos cannot physically move beyond certain limits. First, click the “Start” button on your computer desktop.

Lynxmotion SSC Tutorial

Click on the tab at the top of the Properties box that says, “Port Settings”. Now, you should make sure that both VSA and your computer in general have the com port that you are using set to the same Baud Rate. When disabled the servo will not be sent any further position commands. That can cause problems like the servos not having enough power to move the weight they are supposed to move. It’s all in how you set the jumpers and what kind of power supply you use.


For instance, if you are using lynxmofion controller board through a wireless connection you may need to slow down the connection speed due to the wireless hardware limitations.

This setup as it is assumes that you are using 2 separate power supplies.

In any case, let me show you how you would hook up your 6VDC power supply lynxmotiln the SSC board to run everything from this one supply. Everyone leaves that party happy! Scroll Bars – After specifying the COM port and speed you should be able to move your servos by dragging the sliders to the right or left or by specifying a number within the current value text box in the Servo Config area.

In addition the board provides synchronized movement so that all servos will update at the same time. Otherwise, your computer will not talk to the board.