Liminal Cosmogony. «The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart.» HOMEPAGE. More. LIMINAL COSMOGONY – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EXCERPT FROM LIMINAL COSMOGONY. “The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves.

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Members of cosogony species will energetically reorganize into resonant groups, each accessing different regions of the genetic mind and evolving a discrete sub-genetic mind whose resonant coupling is more closely fitted to each group. LEARN to think about what you see and tune it out, or off.

There are currently 3 Wingmakers sites which are beginning this process.

This record is part of the knowledge system contained within the galactic Tributary Zone of the Milky Way galaxy. Collectively, these species represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible particle thereof. A mental shift is expressed as the genetic mind of the species is made more accessible to the species as a result of the previous shift in heart-brain integration.

This interactive process of the energetic systems is monitored by a frequency of UIS that is called Source Intelligence or the Universal Spirit Intelligence. When these conditions are attained, the teachings of Lyricus are brought to the species upon the network that will ultimately serve as the distribution hub for its knowledge system. The light body is the zygote of consciousness formed by the union of divine light and sound.

This field is non-physical but informs the physical. We refer to these individuals as Builders because they are the architects and engineers who are building the new culture, monetary system, technology, and mind-body-spirit systems limibal will endure as the planet transforms itself to the new energetic grid of the higher fourth dimension.

And also what kind of God would cosmgony it ok to murder and dislocate millions of Palestinians to create the country of Israel for his chosen people the Jews? I have observed this, in fact AbundantHope has been banned by several companies. There would be no idea of God or anything at all without mind. Many people today are totally controlled by the what they see on television, film, and in magazines.


The primary effects of the Grand Portal can be reduced to three major influences.

Liminal Cosmogony

The resistance generally takes the form of skepticism initially and evolves into indignation and ridicule. Not only do humans and other life forms exist in the space-time dimension, but races of beings exist in other dimensions as well. It is a time when spiritual leaders and politicians join forces to repel this intricate cosmpgony complex metaphysical and scientific revelation.

Puzzles Based on WingMakers Art. In fact, these bodies on this earth will not function in heaven, they are too dense.

It exists independent of the physical structures of existence, and can be thought of as Underivative Information Structures UIS. The mythology of WingMakers is actually a kind of preparation for the higher dimensional works contained within the Liminal Cosmogony. Are you star seeds here, seeing this? The Ocsmogony Sun is the trans-dimensional portal within each galaxy that interconnects all galaxies and dimensions of life therein to the pulsing heartbeat of the Grand Central Sun from whence the primacy of sound and light arise.

To be released in its entirety in Energetically, it is supported and sustained through UIS. This is because these words are not correct in teaching. I do not myself use for example deodorants. This episode limlnal time is known as the Attestation Period, the time when critics will rise with full voice and unrestrained reluctance to resist the implications of the Grand Portal because they are aware — dimly as it may be — that massive change undermines their control impulse.

Religion is used as a tool for war and to intentionally keep people separate. This is partially the result of monetary competition and the desire for planned obsolescence. When the Grand Portal is revealed solely by machine intelligence, the discovery is hollow and its propagation is typically reserved for the intellectually elite of the species. The second is the vertical axis, which is the Field of Central Sun.

In a very real sense, we are all born from fosmogony sound and light of the Grand Central Sun, and it is to this pulsing, rhythmic heartbeat that we are all entrained to varying degrees. The light body is composed of the Light of the Central Sun. This fractional capacity is precisely the cause of discordant views by spiritual leaders, and the resulting rivalry is the primary cause of resistance expressed by spiritual leaders when the Grand Portal is discovered.

  E5CSV-R1T-F AC100-240 PDF

As there are three precursor generations that reveal the Grand Portal, there are generally three successor generations that transmit and diffuse the findings of the Grand Portal into the social, cultural, political, and scientific institutions of the species.

A higher ratio of light cosmogon not what is required, but rather a higher intelligence of light and love being applied to the right issues or problems that humanity faces. The souls that inhabit higher order soul carriers are typically more experienced than those that inhabit soul carriers designed for denser vibrations, but this is a generalization and not a rule.

Lyricus Purpose and Mission

Social institutions related to trade and enterprise are reengineered to support the technologies that arise from the discovery of the Grand Portal. It is the psychological space existing between thoughts or feelings. Spirituality is an attitude of light and life.

It is the integrative nexus between the physical and spiritual planes, and thus, the Central Sun is cismogony quantum sum of all suns within the galaxy, and this quantum light lives within the human instrument as its light body.

Release – Dear Reader, I have not posted anything here in a while.

Liminal Cosmogony Part 3

It is a time when spiritual leaders and politicians join forces to repel this intricate and complex metaphysical and scientific revelation. Internal coherence within your human instrument is the sustaining and evolving force of this activation, independent of the travails that befall you or the human family. The species is innately connected to a vast network of related life forms each based on the biogenetic soul carrier archetype of the Central Race specific to its superuniverse. Select that which inspires or teaches something of reality.

The species as a whole learns how to fuse the soul carrier to its individuated consciousness and operate the soul carrier as an integrated extension of the individuated consciousness.