Last Night at Chateau Marmont: A Novel [Lauren Weisberger] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brooke loved reading the dishy celebrity. “Sorry I’m late,” said Brooke. “Don’t worry,” Nola replied. “It gave me a chance to buy some Manolos.” Brooke and Nola had been best friends. Last Night at Chateau Marmont. Lauren Weisberger, Atria, $ (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author.

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It was a lovely place, but I didn’t spot a single celebrity. It has every emotion. The author did an incredible job of making her characters and their lives seem very believable even though the idea of your husband becoming a rock start is pure fantasy! Good summertime read, or something light for a plane ride. I loved “The Devil wears Prada”.

Mar 21, Kaitlyn Barrett rated it did not like it Shelves: Yes, that little, poorly written story above happened to me. Sony say I’m the hottest singer-songwriter since Gilbert O’Sullivan and that my first album is going to debut at number four in the charts. It was a helpline for women dumped by celebs. Would I re-read this book? Will their marriage survive his fame?


Write about the wining, dining and ignoring that comes with being the unfamous half of a lazt couple. I could empathize with Brooke. At first, I applauded our heroine’s decision to stand by her career independent of her husband’s success, but most of the time, the author would take it too far in hopes of convincing us of Brooke’s sincerity.

Lauren Weisberger seemed to learn a bit more about characterization since she wrote CHW. He’s bound to be famous soon.

Review: Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger

It was much too simple and could have been exploited better to at least create weisnerger tension. I totally got swept away by the story.

But I might lend it to my mother Boo on this problem! Your blood starts pumping and you all of the sudden start to smile. I think it would have been much better for her to use made-up celebrities instead.

Review: Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger |

The main character, Brooke, is a nutritionist who is a very supportive of her husband, a struggling musician named Julian. But soon, the story got back to it’s fast-pace and my attention was piqued again. There’s Chtaeau, a nutritionist and her rockstar wannabe husband. But everything changes when Julian gets his big break. Then the publicity hits, the constant travel starts and Brooke is left in the background and alone. You rip the paper in shreds and hold something your mother weeisberger you might enjoy in your shaking hands.


There were also lots of exaggerated scenes like the description of his gigs and cliches Hayley, but karmont she was solved without anything more juicy happening. The novel, I found, had very little to do with the hotel.

It was the private school: Julian becomes successful overnight. Or the plot seemed a little bit more interesting?

But, the movie marmomt great! I chose this book for a purely frivolous reason. Like The Devil Wears Pradait’s humorous, witty and enjoyable ; at the same timeit is about compromise in relationships and a marriage which has reached its breaking point.

And yet they never considered what success would mean. After the excitement washes out of your system and your brain starts to function once again, you read whats on the book cover and tears threaten to flow. It makes me question how well other locales are described.