Winnie Perry is a teenager—at last! And it’s a really big deal. A ginormous deal, that, wouldn’t you know it, brings ginormous problems. The Winnie Years is an ongoing series of children’s fiction novels by American author Lauren Myracle. In Thirteen Winnie finds that one of her brother’s friends is battling leukemia, prompting her to later donate her hair to Locks of Love. Picking up the last quarter of seventh grade with her milestone birthday, Winnie Perry (Eleven, ; Twelve, ) enters the eighth grade.

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Trivia About Thirteen Plus One She is caring and kind to all people. DisneyAmy Mebberson and Joe Caramagna.

THIRTEEN by Lauren Myracle | Kirkus Reviews

Nav Idk this site sucks. She gets the age. Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it. I was unaware of the transition between months, weeks, and days. There are many scenes, like having a first kiss, losing friends, embarrassing moments, getting a boyfriend and shopping with mum. I Spy the Illuminati Eye.

A bat wearing a hat? I love this book because it is so realistic, and it is a fun and relaxing read. Views Read Edit View history. Winnie is worried because her boyfriend keeps ditching her.

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The Winnie Years

Also in The Winnie Years. Eleven and Twelve are also amazing books which are the two books that come before Thirteen. My MS girls love this series, but there is not a lot of literary merit in it.


Walking in and looking up at all of the eighth graders, talking to new people and much thiirteen. Praise The contemporary voice is casual, funny, and well, nice. The whole cat incident at the end blew me away because I had a very, very similar incident with my old best friend and her cat Ace.

Especially since a recent study has shown that schoolchildren who date earliest do worst at school and are more likely to smoke, drink and take drugs? Sep 08, Tiffani Sison rated it really liked it.

Oct 10, Regina rated it it was jyracle. I didn’t find the plot line very compelling or interesting, and never felt sure if Myracle was trying to paint Winnie as a self-absorbed character or a “good” character. It did have some romance in it, but not too much. She doesn’t want to be known as the person who got dumped. Thrteen 03, Lilly rated it it was amazing.


I mean, what if? No it does not. Myracle except for thistitle and what I read I really liked.

Nothing has really happened so far, so here are some predictions. If I grow up Slowly I’ll be thought badly of that too.

I said this because Winnie cares for Joseph because he has leukemia and wants him to get better, she wants Amanda to be her old sweet and kind self instead of going out to eighth-grade parties and getting drunk, Ty to understand that everything doesn’t revolve around a girl and you can’t make everything right even if you want to, and Cinnamon not to make fun of Dinah in front of eight-graders to make herself look better she should treat her better.


No teen girl wants to go shopping with their mum. This book is worth reading because it really keeps you entertained. Stay tuned for more adventures with Winnie!!! Critical reception for the series has been mostly positive. Want to Read saving….

Up Close With Spiders. No it did not. In past years I have savored getting to know Winnie through the challenges of growibg up, even as I went through them myself. I thought that it was more enjoyable.

A thirteen year old with an outgoing personality and a boyfriend named Lars. I recommend that you read absolutely everything by Lauren Myracle. Winnie thinks this is gross and her friend shouldn’t be doing these “over sexual” things at this age.

Remember in the old days when books like Betsy-Tacy and Anne of Green Gables would just keep going and going until their characters grew up, got married, and had kids? My opinion on this book lauuren that it does not match the standards it set for itself.

After schoolduring summer break, Whinie goes off to camp with her friends and has some trouble with Lars.