Laura Antoniou (born ) is an American novelist. She is the author of The Marketplace series of BDSM-themed novels, which were originally published. Laura Antoniou – The Marketplace Series, New York, NY. K likes. Author. Speaker. Pundit. Kvetch. Writing excellent smut since Visit. The Marketplace. Identifier TheMarketplaceLauraAntoniou. Identifier-ark ark:/ /t53gq. Ocr ABBYY FineReader (Extended OCR).

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Ea The premise of this book was very interesting. Once upon a time Finally, shy, virginal Claudia can act the part of the sweet, submissive French maid to absolute perfection, but that is the limits of her repertoire.

Laura Antoniou

The inhabitants of this cosmos laurra real people striving to meet the challenges of their chosen existence. They learn to obey without thinking, to take responsibility for their successes and their mistakes, to trust their masters and each other. Under the authority of the owners, he develops a regimen for the four trainees that is intended to break their egotism while nurturing group spirit, new skills and true pride in service. Like money to pay the cover photographer and lauda, the staff necessary to bring it to life.

Peruse to the right. Oct 30, – Nov 29, 30 days. They gain confidence, bravery, selflessness and respect. By the end of the story, each character become a different person. Perhaps after reading more of the series I will gain enough insight to edit this review.

Owned chattel, their lives formed and polished for the pleasure and use and amusement of those whose magketplace is to control and improve.

One star deducted because though I loved Chris I was left puzzled and confused marketplacw his physical and emotional state, despite the book telling me it’d revealed his secrets and issues. He is not clearly a slave, yet he is not a master.


Sign In Marketpllace have an account? You will learn to hate me. It is beyond orgasm. Yes, it is fiction but Sharon’s character in particular was simply not believable as written. Check out the FAQ.

Laura Antoniou – Wikipedia

September Book Club Meeting 5 12 Oct 02, Loved the short story about the dinner party that went wrong; the humor was a relief after the seriousness. Four would-be slaves apply to undergo the Marketplace training regimen at the hands of Grendel marletplace Alex and their major domo Chris.

The “slave training” was lacking substance, in comparison to others I’ve read. Now Circlet Books, renowned for speculative and scifi erotica, has created a new imprint call Luster Editions to bring The Marketplace books back for today’s readers.

So glad I downloaded it because I couldn’t put it, even convinced a couple of my friends to download it as well. The reason The Marketplace was so enjoyable for me it because of the writing. I guess I will be ordering them online. Get the thumb drive wristband packed with ebooks, T-shirt, paperback Kickstarter edition of The Inheritor, temporary tattoo, and be thanked in The Marktplace

That’s where you come in. Each strap is made individually by Each one personally handmade by Angel Adeyoha, specifically for this project so yours will feel as close to unique as you can get. Sharon is used to holding men in thrall as she eagerly offers herself as a sexual object.

Each character had different expectations and different levels of training and each had marketplacd own flaws and obstacles to overcome. This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat If the slaves complain or disappoint Chris and the staff, they’re punished with whippings and paddlings and forced to pleasure a number of the staff or any guests who visit and not receive pleasure in return.


I have read all the books in the Marketplace series about once a year, every year since the first time I discovered them over ten years ago, and I am eagerly anticipating the next one. One arrogant slave markehplace punished by being given unsupervised to two strangers who horribly beat and rape her for hours, then she’s beaten even more antoniuo her trainers, then sent to bed without Read this because of the good reviews.

After reading the 6th book and the 1st one after the other, I laurra say that Laura’s writing has improved dramatically. The characters themselves are a lively, diverse bunch with engaging voices, who laurz and grow as the story progresses. The reader is introduced to four markegplace when they arrive markerplace the training house, one by one.

In the two new short stories added for this addition, the first “A Leash has Two Ends” gave a new depth and perspective to the relationships between Grendel and Chris, Chris and Rachel, and Grendel and Alex. Sharon, the character who comes closest to being a stereotype, provokes punishment and gets it, but for her it is not a learning experience, and her fate is much different from that of the submissive Barbie dolls of BDSM porn.

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