Tenants. Now that you have defined your properties you need to identify who will live in them. STEP 1: Create a new tenant. To create a new tenant, go in the. As many of you may have already noticed today, we’ve really been ramping up LandlordMax’s online documentation. The user manual is now. Join us as we tear down Landlord Max and reveal what we like and dislike about it. The user manual is well written and comes with screenshots and clear.

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The database stores tenant details, property and supplier information, and tracks mortgage payments.

Check out these customer testimonials from LandlordMax competitors. This is more of a wish list item rather than a complaint but it will be perfect if LandlordMax can actually link up with bank accounts so that a landlord can send and receive payments directly from it.

Don’t see enough customer references? By mistake, I had emailed Landlordmax. I am a small apartment owner, I have 19 units. Its most basic features appear front and center.


Share All Share about LandlordMax with a friend. I work for LandlordMax. Fall Business Music Solutions. LandlordMax Testimonials 0 of 9 Testimonials. The service comes with a user manual that includes screenshots and helpful step-by-step instructions.

My employees all love it too, and it save’s me a king’s ransom in training cost for new employees do to its simplicity. The support from Landlordmax lanlordmax so fast and not making me feel stupid that I was asking questions about the wrong software. After the payment had been made that was the last of any support.

Full LandlordMax Review – Is Landlord Max Worth The Price?

It provides a special section for managing receipts, which is useful for some property managers. Share with a friend. A quick mouse click can generate more than distinct reports.

Click here to copy this link to your clipboard. You can even delve into sub-categories, such as detailed occupant information. YorkHomeGuide Share with a friend. I am really enjoying the use of your program and now I love your support.

By consulting this resource, most confusing issues should be cleared right up. All of the reports are pre-formatted and ready to print. To show you what we mean, let’s take a closer look at the “Tenant” tab see screenshot below.


9 LandlordMax Customer Testimonials & Customer References | FeaturedCustomers

If you are managing your rental properties with other people We are independently owned and operated and all opinions expressed on this site are our own. Share about LandlordMax with a friend. Thank you very much.

I’m a tech geek, and I’ve been willing to pay any amount for good property management software for my brokerage. If you decide to continue, there are no monthly or yearly fees and no support costs.

LandlordMax Question – Landlord Forum thread 338824

Category tabs are clear and easily accessible on the left side of your screen. Claim your profile and create a Premium Portal for your organization. Rate the content quality of the following video: If you’re a power user or someone likes to micro manage, you can drill down to the sub-categories outlined in yellow below where you can key in detailed data such as occupants, employer or even their vehicles: