Waldgesetz für das Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Landeswaldgesetz – LWaldG) Niedersächsisches Gesetz über den Wald und die Landschaftsordnung. bei Frau Linn Tunger,. Forstreferendarin in Niedersachsen. Landeswaldgesetzes für die Forstbehörde möglich ist Kur- und Heilwälder auszuweisen. OB obs. ocean. ÖGLA o. J. ONF Waldgesetz für Baden-Württemberg ( Landeswaldgesetz — LWaldG) vom ; Niedersachsen. Naturschutzgebiet.

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The population biology of invasive species.

Besiedlungsprozesse und Auswirkungen des Waschbären (Procyon lotor L., ) in Deutschland – PDF

The Unscrambler wird mit. All loci were co-amplified in seven multiplex polymerase chain reactions PCR.

Data Mining and Results from the viewpoint. Predation of Spanish terrapin Mauremys leprosa clutches by raccoons. Therefore, we here refer to haplotype PLO2 for both haplotypes.

In order to characterize the habitat structure of the districts, we used the following indices: The role of propagule pressure in explaining species invasions.

Land-cover factors affecting the colonization process of raccoons in Germany. Furthermore, we were able to confirm the existence of a genetic cluster in eastern Saxony SNwhich had already been suggested as another independent founder event based upon mtdna data Figure 2. In case of rejection, the EP has to perform a second reading and incorporate criticized aspects of the Council until agreement over particulars can be reached Figure 4.

The Council can either accept the second proposal or reject it. Implementing false discovery rate control: Pairs of loci were tested for linkage disequilibrium using an exact test based on a Markov chain method as implemented in Genepop The false discovery rate technique was used to eliminate false assignment of significance by chance Verhoeven et al. The invasion of the North American raccoon in Europe is thought to be caused by individuals escaped from fur farms and released household pets.


A R varied between 2. Modelling stratified diffusion in biological invasions. Ex-situ populations of invasive species Accidental or deliberate releases of household pets or individuals from zoos are fairly common and known to have caused several invasions Hulme It is commonly assumed that the whole German population derives from two separate founding events in the s and s Lutz ; Frantz et al.

Besiedlungsprozesse und Auswirkungen des Waschbären (Procyon lotor L., 1758) in Deutschland

We performed an analysis on the whole data set, as well as on pairs of individuals assigned to the same STRUCTURE cluster niedrrsachsen using cluster-specific allele frequencies. Buccal swabbing was performed with sterile diagnostic rayon dry swabs Copan Diagnostics Inc. Geographic distribution and frequency of haplotypes observed in raccoons sampled in Europe. This provides the unique opportunity to compare the genetic structure of older and younger invasive populations.

As multiple and secondary introductions, especially of individuals from genetically landesaldgesetz source populations, may drive invasion success KolbeSchulte et al.

Threshold criteria for conversion of probability of species presence to either or presence absence. Additionally, we show that such data can be used to construct SDMs with good predictive performance despite the coarse resolution of the input data.

The slope was tested for a significant difference from zero by permutations of locations of individuals. Application of EN ISO in electro-pneumatic control systems Hazards and measures against hazards by implementation of safe pneumatic circuits These examples of switching circuits are offered free. Tissue samples were stored frozen or in absolute ethanol.

wald-ökologie by Luca Krug on Prezi

Given that individuals in Spain had a high degree of relatedness in respective to the different populations, it will become interesting to landeswaaldgesetz if inbreeding may negatively affect the young Spanish populations.


The development map represents the change in the raccoon bag between both years Future raccoon range expansion in Germany. Roland Klein und Herrn Univ. Ebenso danke ich Herrn Univ.

We also found genetic evidence for on-going introductions of individuals. We used genetic assignment and exclusion methods to test for the presence of recently escaped or released individuals. The niedetsachsen is one of these species and it has been suggested that some small, isolated feral populations were integrated into the larger population during expansion, increasing the invader s genetic potential Lutz ; Alda et al.

The size of the pie charts is proportional to the number of individuals sampled per locality from 1 to These must include a description of the IAS, information on its native and potential range, patterns of reproduction and spread, potential pathways of entry into the EU, an assessment of negative impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as a quantified forecasts of economic damage at Union level Article 5 1 lit.

Limited mitochondrial DNA diversity is indicative of a small number of founders of the German raccoon Procyon lotor population. Biology Letters 4 4Lutz W Estimates were obtained using three different approaches see Material and Methods: Who ensures scientific merit? S2 Script R script used to estimate founder numbers based on observed allele frequencies analysis 2.

All mentioned inventors have to sign the Report of Invention see page 3!!! Lothar Hoffmann, Grit Greiser, Dr.