abstract = “This essay considers “Korea” as a work of narrative poetry. Both the story’s imagery and its many repetitions work to create an elegiac tone that. ‘Korea’ by John McGahern has 5 ratings and 1 review. Victoria said: Good for GCSE revision and very interesting read:) Introduced many themes I hadn’t t. During his lifetime John McGahern was frequently called Ireland’s Chekhov. It’s a description that carries the flavour of journalistic laziness, but.

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In the stream mcgahetn sunlight across the blackboard the chalkdust floats, millions of white grains, breathed in and out all day, found at night in the turnups of trousers, all the aridity of this empty trade.

The violence is purely emotional. It’s a description that carries the flavour of journalistic laziness, but there is something common to their ability to largely efface themselves from nohn prose, and ,cgahern skill at drawing meaning from the lives of everyday rural people: The father is neither the blindfolded boy, nor the open-eyed cynic, but rather someone inbetween.

And yet, the lavatory is simultaneously a safe haven that protects him from the full impact of what he has heard.

Outside, the three stone walls of the playground run down to the lake, the centre wall broken by the concrete lavatory, above it the rapid sparkle of pinpoint flashes of sunlight on the wings of the blackdust swarm of flies; and on the windowsill in a jam jar a fistful of primroses some child has gathered from the May banks. As throughout the story, this tone is achieved through the combination of repetition, and the juxtaposition of simple, yet direct declaratives.


Presses universitaires d’Angers Support: Laura Carstairs-Waters rated it liked it Feb 21, Father and son are back on the river, and their conversation has moved not from executions and the rebellion to America, but from America to executions and the war. The description serves to emphasize a sense of isolation: Elisabethg marked it as to-read Feb 18, As in the morning, it is father who, with a question, breaks the silence, but there is a qualitative difference in the evening.

I heard the exact sum. Long shadows stretched out from the small birches scattered all over the bog. In that same semester, McGahern taught an Irish literature course at Colgate. Popular Posts Recent Posts. It is a masterpiece of economical storytelling, and exhibits the careful use of diction and subtle imagery that made John McGahern one of the outstanding artists of the short story form in the 20 th Century.

‘Korea’ by John McGahern – Research – Royal Holloway, University of London

As Nicholas Wroe notes, “the horrors are always there in McGahern”even if they are of a quiet, despairing sort, as when a hungover and jilted man looks on a Dublin street: The two not only face their respective deaths, but also die, in harshly contrasting manner.

Emily marked it as to-read Jan 29, As noted, the story began with a question. Rather, he is a man speaking around what is on his mind, protecting both himself and his son from the bursting furze pod shock of the truth behind what he is saying. Caroline marked it as to-read Sep 15, The spider web simile again connects the war to an image of nature. In each of these stories mctahern narrator visits from Dublin and clashes mgcahern the father.


Here the execution—and ncgahern extension, the war—is linked to nature, and more specifically, to the landscape of Ireland.

Why Discussing John McGahern’s story “Korea”

Reece marked it as to-read Jun 10, Orchha Keatman Smith marked it as to-read Apr 16, Across the street was a dishevelled lilac bush. Isabelle Prelipceanu added it Apr 06, Now the story has moved from morning, through day to evening, and the positions are reversed.

Maria marked it as to-read Oct 19, The men labour, drink, and “go round to Marge and Kathleen”, prostitutes who live “in the condemned row, moving from empty house to empty house ahead of the demolition.

It was new to me to hear him talk about his own life at all. Previously, while the father rowed, the son asked questions. Here the spider web is the memory of war, or of an event within the war.