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Lucifer accept this, my sacrifice. When originally revealed to me by the spirit Azael, this work included only the crossing of four gates, corresponding with the four “Princes of Hell”, and an extraneous book dealing with the invocation of the dead. Moloch, I conjure thee.

Ketab-e-Siyah by Tsirk Susej (2007, Paperback)

Invocation of Ahrimon Ahrimon, I invoke thee. These orders abide in the upper heavens the lower heavens being the planetary spheres and fixed constellations. What he hates in others is what he hates most in himself. Come away and not your Viols for the ketba is such as requireth comfort. By calling upon the Ayres, the magician may work directly upon the Aeonic Sphere itself.

But, if the universe is dynamic not static and consciousness is NOT but is becoming then the devil, Ketb, more accurately reflects the true nature of God than Christ, Yahweh, or any other image of God which man has defined. The Seventh Key The East is a house of virgins singing praises amongst the flames of the first glory, wherein the Lord hath opened his mouth and they are become 28 Living dwellings in whom the strength of men rejoyceth and they are keetab with ornaments of brightness such as work wonders on all creatures Whose Kingdoms and continuance are as the third and fourth strong towers and places of comfort, the seats of mercy and continuance.


Although not essential to these rites, you may choose to burn candles and incense. MelekTaus, I summon thee. If a man thinks for a moment that he has achieved enlightenment and understanding, the pool of thought he calls consciousness stagnates and, as a cess-pool, breeds worms and stenches like a swamp. Where the male practitioner says, “I have crossed the Gates of Hell and have become the Devil Incarnate: Govern those that govern. The Ayres are spirits which preside over the divisions of the earth and heavens.

I have crossed the eighth sphere, the eighth angle between the worlds.

Come forth, Beast of Revelation, and manifest thyself. Since then the spirits have revealed additional rituals to me. The second lock is open.

This is the origin of the “evil eye” and “fascination”, as well as the expression “the eyes are the window to the soul.


Just a moment while we sign you in siyag your Goodreads account. Unlike the mundane, who are influenced continuously by thoughts which are not their own, the magician may “receive” the information he desires without being controlled by the desires or aims of others.

Demogorgon, I summon thee. The First Key I reign over you sayeth the God of Justice in power exalted above the firmaments of wrath; in Whose hands the Sun is as a sword, and the Moon as a through-thrusting fire, which measureth your garments in the midst of my vestures, and trussed you together as the palms of my hands; Whose seats I garnished with the fire of gathering and beautified your garments with admiration, to whom I made a law to govern the holy ones, and delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge.

Ketab-e-Siyah – Tsirk Susej – Google Books

Wo wo wo wo wo wo yea wo be to the earth for her iniquity is, was, and shall be great. Ghosts, Specters, Banshees, Poltergeists, etc. I bless and consecrate these shoulders ketzb the name of Satan and in the name of Lucifer. Yet nothing can exist outside of the universe.


Come away, For I have prepared a place for you. You must perform these rites in the order they are presented and you must not perform them outside of the context in which they are here given. Ketab-e-Siyah, or the “Book of Darkness,” is a collection of texts which many people believe to be inspired by the Dark Lord.

Ride upon me as you do upon the Beast.

Ketab-E-Siyah by Tsirk Susej

Bring down your 3, trained that the Lord may be magnified whose name amongst you is Wrath. Among the Celts, Ziyah was adopted ketabb the Druids and was practiced alongside the earlier pagan religion. The followers of every religion have been condemned by others as “devil-worshippers” at some time or another. O Ancient One, I give you my life and the lives of my daughters, N. Why should man give more credit to the pound of organic matter he calls his “brain” than he does to rock or dirt?

Many people carry around with them subconscious masochistic tendencies, causing them to do things which will bring pain or misery upon themselves. I am not my flesh nor my blood. You may use any liquid as an “elixir” I have often used coffee rather than liquor since coffee is a stimulant which Siyaj found enhances the work more than alcohol.

It repenteth me I made Man. Mental transmissions from the brain are sent through the optic nerve to the eyes and kegab through the eye cavities. This is natural when you consider that, while society has changed, the teachings and doctrines of these religions have not changed in over a thousand years.