John Wheeler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds weekly meetings in Santa Cruz, California. As is mentioned on his website, John. It wasn’t until I started reading the writings of John Wheeler where he nearly shouts it out that I started paying more attention. In his podcasts. Awakening to the Natural State [John Wheeler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Wheeler met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Wheelers book is neo advaita, plain and simple.

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Aslay Sin 24 May at At April 17, at 1: It is so simple that the mind overlooks it. All aversion and resistance is based on ideas and concepts about how things should be or should not be. It is perfectly whole and complete now.

If you have questions, you are welcome to e-mail me at citron16 gmail. The first comment menioned This idea subtly keeps the idea of a person going.

It is going into the mind and thoughts that is the pulling away from life as it is happening. There is a logic to it that you can confirm by direct experience. It went right into my heart to read John’s story of his personal process of going through various paths and practices, without it putting an end to his seeking and suffering.


At November 10, at 7: Non dual is a fact of everyone’s being the same fact as non Santa. And as is the case with ‘Sailor’ Bob, John’s explains things in plain English. You are undoubtedly present and aware…. As you clear up your real identity, the mind will take care of itself.

He is as comfortable delving into the metaphysics of the movie The Matrix, as he is in pointing to the underlying meaning of the ancient Veda scriptures non dual awareness.

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Most of the book consists of John’s answers to questions, very useful reading. There is literally nothing you need to do or practice. I must agree about Bob Adamson and John Wheeler; they are the real deal. Learn why most people fails.

Non-duality – Advaita: John Wheeler

In the book ” Awakening to the Natural State “, you will find a very beautiful first chapter where John describes his meeting with ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson and what this meant to him.

Wasn’t this article about the unhelpfulness of oversimplification? At July 7, at 5: Here’s a report on my experience with John: As Nisargadatta Maharaj pointed out, “the seeker is the sought”. Why should we search for something that we already ARE? If “it” is that simple, then why am I missing it?


It’s always right to the point and doesn’t give one’s mind much of a chance to drift off into its accustomed dualistic patterns. He also realized that there was only so much he could learn from books and meditation.

I haven’t seen anyone else besides ‘Sailor’ Bob explain non-duality so precisely and simply as John does. Return to list of topics in Discourses by Teachers and Writers.

With the emphasis off of the mind and the conceptual story, you will be much more present, because there is no filter. Without that focus, you are much more fully energized and present and alive. Who is pulling away?

That’s why I want it to be complicated