John Romaniello’s Superhero workout. Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone has tried or took a look at John Romaniello’s Superhero workout yet. Build a Super Hero Body with trainer John Romaniello! The super hero workout builds the perfect physique; broad shoulders with a thin waist, streamlined with. A complete review of John Romaniello and Matt McGorry’s “The Super Hero Workout”. Find out why this muscle program rates a less than.

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Colton Definitely captain America because he began as a simple scrawny patriot like me, joining the army to fight for what he believed in. But you can do SHW with any diet. Thanks, Mark June 27, at 2: At the conclusion of the minute period, rest 4 minutes and proceed to B.

You rarely get to kill three birds with one stone; but today, I get to do that. After A4, rest second and repeat. But without being overwhelming, he still has plenty of weaknesses and has to rely more on finesse and intelligence than strength.

The Super Hero Workout Review – Super Hero Workout by John Romaniello

Bupi What a challenge. He knows he’s got “it” and doesn’t need to flaunt it. November 22, at Definitely a man after romniello own heart, Roman!


Maybe those with higher geek-speak tolerance would feel differently. For instance, a set of 14 reps on each exercise followed by 45 seconds rest. I have hit a plateau in my bench press. This looks like a really great program. You will quickly understand the acclaim he receives on fitness blogs and forums from Superhero Workout reviews. Not the Fox wolverine origin Balls up!

Thanks for all the supergero information you provide Roman!

Johnny Bruce Lee was and is still my super hero. For that, for his honesty, and moreso his attention to detail a virtue of which I am not possessedI thank Sean sincerely. I feel like in some aspects I can relate to Hulk not split from Bruce Bannerbecause I’m a pretty big dude 6’6” and it always surprises people at how smart I am.

Carolyn I’m with Justin Which is best when you have lots of fat to lose: I can be very impulsive, passionate and bad-tempered at times Italian blood!!

My Review of “The Super Hero Workout”

Mainly wokrout I was a slow fat kid. I spend most of my time online meeting new people, writing and enjoying a whole new world on the internet.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Danielle It’s kind of hard to choose, but I’d probably have to superuero Wolverine. Angela Batman, Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, martial arts skills, an indomitable will, fear, and intimidation in his continuous war on crime. John Croz Wolverine is my favorite- his euperhero healing with unbreakable bones combined with his attitude made for a kick ass hero July 18, at 9: I love the journey he took of adapting to a new environment as he discovers his unique abilities.


Miguel The Punisher a.

I admired her excellent physique, remember, Jessica Biel was only 3 years old when this move was filmed: Such program gives you high motivation and urges you to start exercising. Look at Chris Wofkout transformation for his role in Thor.

Super Hero Fat Loss Review (John Romaniello)

He’s got angsty moments but they’re earned June 27, at 8: No super power, just a normal dude with crazy cool toyz!!

When I got older my favorites changed to Wolverine Hugh Jackman. I am a fitness fan myself and I know the power of motivation. Superbero for This Entry. Kenneth Ronningen HI Roman.