In the darkened room a woman cannot find her reflection in the mirror. waiting as usual at the edge of sleep. In her hands she holds the oil lamp whose drunken. Jayanta Mahapatra (ଜୟନ୍ତ ମହାପାତ୍ର). Of that Love. Poems Jayanta Mahapatra began writing poems rather late in comparison with his contemporaries. But this. Post-colonial traits in Jayanta Mahapatra’s poetry. Dr. Mukul Kumar Sharma. Asst . Professor, Department of English and Humanities Jaipur Engineering College.

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With the austere eyes, they looking like the fish caught in the net at dawn break like the shining strands of faith.

What does my world say? Rains of rites and rituals are the things of deliberation rather than pattering rains of the coastal area. The masses of memory that grow, nailing them to doors when we want them to, are lunging eyes in a glass wall.

But to gather the momentum philosophically, from nowhere to somewhere and somewhere to nowhere, where one to go, how the images and reflections of life shadowed, this very silhouetting continues in his poetry.

They are the art-symbols and the myth and mysticism of it with which the things of art and artifacts made and in whose absence the world may turn to a dull and dreary affair. A romantic, he is Wordsworthian, Keatsian, as and when he talks of mornings and evenings, dawns and dusks, noondays and midnights. People call him a very tough poet to be dealt with, as because he is imagistic, linguistic, lyrical, nonsensical, nihilistic, blank, abstract, mythical, psychological, philosophical, introspective, multi-dimensional, rural, landscapic, social, humanistic, liberal, factual, real, regional, personal, private, patriotic, national and international at the same time when we sit to assess a genius like that of him.

There is nothing as that exists and this forms the poetic base of the poet, the vacuum writ large over the space infinite. The poem is one of the more philosophical ones, and perhaps JM is trying to improve its craft, but I would have been happy with the earlier craft! No uneasy stir of cloud darkened the white skies of your day; the silence of dust grazed in the long afterniin sun, ruling the cracked fallow earth, ate into the laughter of your flesh.


Working practically alone as a village-dwelling teacher of college physics in a poor eastern province, Mahapatra has developed a profoundly “sincere” inner voice surprisingly unironic, unalienated, unmediated, of interest to very diverse but contemporaneous Indian and foreign audiences.

Books, Kottayam,Bare Face, D.

There is still much to learn from his memoirs, sketches and reflections; essays, papers and acceptance speeches; tours, travels, visits, sojourns and literary friendships.

Thinking to escape his beliefs I go to meet the spectre of belief, a looming shadow the colour of mud, watery and immense as the Ganga. He was also awarded D. Secondly, no matter how important in India and internationally the potential audience for such poetry may be, the actual readership is necessarily minute, thinly dispersed, and probably culturally alien or if in India a tiny, hypereducated elite class ruling or managing or exploiting the hugely predominant Hindu village culture from some modern cosmopolitan capital city.

Of that Love (Jayanta Mahapatra)

Mahapatra is also a distinguished editor and has been bringing out, for many years, a literary magazine, Chandrabhagafrom Cuttack. Shamsur Rahman Ganesh Narayandas Devy.

Though the collection appeared from a small press, it begins with The Morning-I, telling of a morning in the stride and clasp of a sweeper girl with human excreta and while on the other, in the second morning poem, a starkly naked Jain monk calmly walks down the road determined. It has not been reprinted. The monsoon wedding is not maha;atra theme of Jayanta Mahapatra nor do the showers of Shravan or Bhadra month of the Hindu calendar.

Remember me on this computer. A poet of Orissa, Orissan landscapes, sights and scenes, hamlets and thorps, solitude and loneliness, heat and dust, sun-burnt earth and summer.


This rain shaking loose the old spelled earth. His base is of physics, not of literature, more especially poetry. His language is more powerful than being poetical and literary simply as because poeks is a language of science, that of physics and secondly he is a Christian too and thirdly he has studied in convent schools.

Jayanta Mahapatra

There are many living below the poverty line. A few stanzas from Song of Myself of Leaves of Grass will put it comparatively: Developed and Programmed by ekant solutions. What Hindu world so ancient and true for you to hold?

His style is the same what it was, playing hide and seek with lyricism and imagism, light and darkness the matters of his revelation as there is nothing to be thematic, poetry is silhouettes, oil paintings, poetry vacant thinkings.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The other most important thing we have forgotten about him is this that he is professor of physics, not of literature and poetry comes to him mahappatra physics, via it, not properly, but through the channels of light and darkness theories, astrophysics and metaphysics.

We do not know if his existentialism from the book of physics or from Kierkegaard, Kafka and Sartre. Or, are we the tramps in reality passing jaanta days in doing absurd and useless things? The myths of the dark hamlets Standing against the backdrop of the hills, He tells of the darker myths, Superstition, backwardness, underdevelopment, Illiteracy, poverty and hunger.