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Buy IEC/TR Ed. Guide for test procedure for the measurement of loss tangent of coils and bars for machine windings from SAI Global. IEC Empirical limits of these three parameters, verified in practice, may be used as a basis for evaluating the quality of stator winding. Apply low or high voltage to measure Moderate Moderately effective to find thermal IEEE or insulation loss or water leak problems IEC Power factor.

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Recurring diagnostic measurements on the electrical insulation of stator and rotor are important to ensure the safe operation and prevent unexpected outages and serious failures.

And at least the absorption represents the polarization mechanism in the solid insulation To verify the dryness of the winding system a system. Due to different polarization processes the resulting current decreases in dependence of the condition of the insulation system faster or slower.

But also this result had Fig. Log In Sign Up.

IEC/TR 60894:1987

EN “Test of insulation of bars and coils of high-voltage machines”. With off-line one phase tests instead of three phases, three channels at different locations are used: The dielectric losses versus voltage characteristics of coil insulation are the result of several phenomena occurring in the insulation structure.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Partial Discharge measurements are taken in voltage steps up to the rated line-to-ground voltage of the insulation system to measure the discharge inception voltage DIV and the discharge extinction voltage DEV. Thermomechanische Bewertung von Isoliersystemen.

Connection Diagram with ICMflex. The quality of the stator winding insulation system should be verified according to the following brief description of the test procedure. Table 1 figure 24 of the FDS before drying, after drying and shows all results of dielectric response after repair. The origin of the strong partial discharges could be located with an ultrasonic receiver figure Help Center Find new research papers in: Evaluation of thermomechanical endurance of insulation systems Status: Ionisation of gaseous inclusions voids in the insulation structure causes an increase in dissipation factor with voltage increase as the critical voltage gradient is exceeded.


The components of the total current were the sum of absorption, conduction, leakage and capacitance of the winding. When testing an domain spectroscopy FDS in the frequency domain. Normally a condition based maintenance strategy is Additional to above results, the dryness of winding applied for power equipment with a high asset as insulation can be evaluated according to [6].

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Most suppliers of rotating machines and motors apply partial discharge and loss factor measurements in-line with their quality assurance program and final acceptance tests.

Both methods deliver results which are individual coil or bar, this change in power factor comparable.

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An innovative the dielectric or partial discharges losses, or both with voltage. The aim of the technical time constant of the insulation system can be diagnostics is to detect any anomalies of the electric calculated by the product of the insulation resistance insulation system.

The capacitive part normally can be neglected. The leakage portion represents the surface condition and humidity of the end windings. The faulty coil could be found by detecting the fault current with a clamp-on ammeter figure The PI can be calculated from the polarisation currents for 60s and s.

Here the difference between each two results at 0,2; 0,4; 0,6; 0,8 and 1,0 times the test voltage is recorded. With the partial discharge PD measurement also single faults in the Figure 9 shows the test arrangement for insulation can be found.

With PD systems which can measure simultaneously at different points, different PD sources can be separated from each other and from interference. Ieec results are shown in figures 10 and Click here to sign up.


The maximum PD magnitude at line-to-ground voltage should be less than 50pC. The repaired generator passed all tests measurements: But the losses are still high in comparison to the phases S and T. This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or This way PD faults can be seen and also located much easier.

At second the value of the insulation resistance is an absolute criterion for the quality and the global condition. At V a breakdown occurred after 10s figure The advantages and disadvantages of with the test voltage may be caused by either a variation in the power factor values associated with these methods were discussed in [7].

Testing Laboratory

The insulation current iwc s is 10 times lower than before drying. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. Common practise for the insulation diagnosis is the measurement of the Polarisation Index PIthe measurement of the capacitances and dielectric losses and the measurement of partial discharges PD.

Normally 608894 measuring technology is used to Which information for the condition can we extract determine the water content of paper oil insulation form the results of insulation resistance systems used in transformers. Click to learn more. Test procedures for form-wound windings. Out of this reason it was Fig. There were resoldered properly.

The test requires an AC power source capable of supplying PD-free 50 or 60Hz variable voltage up to at least the rated line-to-ground voltage of the insulation system under test.

The result can be shown in the frequency or time domain figures 2 and 3 [8]. For these tests there were some routines R10 insulation resistance after 10 minutes and standard procedures and test equipment used.