How To Be Black, the enhanced e-book edition, contains 14 author-conducted video interviews with individuals who exemplify “how to be black,” an audio clip o . How to Be Black is a book written by the American comedian Baratunde Thurston . It is an autobiographical account of Thurston’s life and upbringing and. This interview was originally broadcast on Feb. 1, How to Be Black will be released in paperback on Oct. It’s no coincidence that.

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Thurston weaves together his comedy with thoughtful missives about his own education at Sidwell Friends and Harvard University, and his childhood in one of the worst crack-addled neighborhoods in Washington, D. So for me personally, I really connected with his life story and his compassionate way of navigating our oppression-ravaged world. Truly exceptional Black Friends are treated as traitors to their race, told they aren’t ‘black enough,’ and called Oreos and sellouts.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He just might be on a mission! How to Be Black is the reason audiobooks were created.

I learned about this book after hearing the author’s fantastic interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air. I think the racial tension of the lates somehow got into my DNA along with a bunch of my mom’s diet pills, so please forgive me if I pass out from anxiety in the middle of reviewing this book. Return to Book Page.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. First off, the book cover is fairly aggressive. Super smart, accessible, and flows wonderfully.

Of course, he wasn’t familiar with the book or Thurston until I mentioned The Onion. Feb 08, willaful rated it liked it Shelves: I couldn’t get through one David Sedaris story without putting the book down. Being many things professionally: I almost returned to book and demanded my money back, but it was pretty funny up to that blac, so I kept reading.


And the woman who put up a site called Rent-A-Negro. The irony is that many in the black community look with derision upon those of their number who serve as Black Friends. For the Black Friends Auxiliary, he also gives helpful points.

How to Be Black

Just how middle class people of color can be misunderstood, pulled between two worlds and are charged with the task of being lifelong diplomats. What ended my short-lived attempt at fitness glory? So a big part of my how-to-be-black is actually trying to be inclusive of all the thureton. I purchased this book as part of a bundle that I bought during a Black History Month sale for which I was called out on in the first chapter.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Acquire a new black friend 9. That was such a strong memory in my head.

Had I known this book was going to turn that way I would have not picked it up. Thurston says his name wasn’t the only indication that he straddled two worlds ho a kid. NPR’s “Talk of the Nation”. Trivia About How to Be Black. Because I have read the books and suffered through them, I wanted to prevent naratunde from falling into that same fate. Get it, listen to it or read it and enjoy and thinkbut mostly enjoy. Through his personal memories and humorous blak observations, Thurston encourages conversations about racial differences in order to stop interracial as well as intraracial conflicts that stem from ignorance and misinformation.

Also, from Jaquetta herself, “But people of bratunde persuasions, ethnicities, political backgrounds have come up to me and said, ‘Thanks for telling my story. I found their perspectives to be very interesting, like the woman who told a grade school classmate she was “beige” because that was the crayon she used to color her drawings of herself.

I ran a full mile without stopping, promptly hurt my ankle, and limped my way back to the car, sweat dripping down into my sports bra along with my dreams of Told you I am anxious.


When Thurston went to school, his teachers shortened his name — which means “one who is chosen” in Nigeria — and started calling him “Barrington. This is one of the few books that I can say for certain baratundf I will listen to as an audiobook if I get the baratumde.

At a school like Sidwell, let’s just take the fun fact of a black kid who’s been at Sidwell all his life judging another black kid at Sidwell’s blackness I actually picked this book up last year to read it, and Blacl started to read it but then I got China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan and betrayed my blackness by chucking this to the side. Thurston’s mom raised him by herself after his father was killed.

I defer to Mr. Snarky, witty, and all-around entertaining.

How to Be Black – Wikipedia

He seems like he would be fascinating to talk to in person, but I got bored listening to what it was like to go to Harvard, network on Twitter, etc. This interview was originally broadcast on Feb. So far, this is great! Technology is amazing and quite a time-saver. Then-candidate Barack Obama called him “someone I need I recommend the audiobook.

The intro and first chapter are very humorous and engaging, and the entire book is filled with short, little humorous passages as well, but the narrative jumps around on the timeline quite a bit, and it is bogged down with random entries that don’t quite add to the story. Refresh and try again. Funny, insightful, entertaining, sweet. Thurston may have went to Harvard, but he was only 35 when he wrote it.

Feb 02, Megan Hicks rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.