Znaczna uwaga udziela się pytaniom jego pedagogicznego i twórczego mistrzostwa oraz Homplewicz J. Etyka pedagogiczna (Pedagogical ethics), Rzeszów. J. Homplewicz claimed that you can not be a teacher educator . Homplewicz J. ( ), Etyka pedagogiczna, Wydawnictwo Salezjańskie, Warszawa. Ireneusz. Type of course. pedagogical qualifications Homplewicz J., , Etyka pedagogiczna, Wyd. Salezjańskie, Warszawa. – Joyce B., i in., , Przykłady modeli.

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Making content-related analysis of documentation in order to nurse a patient. In the ancient Greece, in the times of reaching the highest possible point by philosophy, the upbringing ideal was created and it was understood as a totality of humanistic formation and it was expressed in the term paideia.

Simultaneously, with its ideas philosophy constitutes the indispensable basis and teleology of education.

Etyka pedagogiczna – Janusz Homplewicz – Google Books

Principles of conducting motion rehabilitation of a newborn baby and a baby. The importance of blood for the human body. Ability to plan taking care of a patient treated surgically, making use homplesicz nursing knowledge in taking care of a patient treated surgically. IV; year III, sem. Scope and character of activity conducted in puerperium. Midwife’s role and duties peragogiczna pre-labour care: Urban i Partner, Chroboczek J.

Caring for a woman in puerperium with psychic disorders. Prenatal and perinatal psychology. Foetus as the subject of delivery: Preparing and taking care of a patient after amniocentesis, cordocentesis. Slawomir Sztobryn expresses his ideas on a similar note and he counters positions of those who stand on the ground of pedagogy and do not see the point in getting acquainted with philosophy.


Nurse’s duties in preparing a patient for an operation in an urgent action. Types of allergic reactions. Psychological aspects of maturation, pregnancy, puerperium, breast feeding, menopause and senility.

Basics of didactics – University of Warsaw

Respiratory exercise in pregnancy. Ability to apply principles which are in force while etyla physical examination of particular organs and systems; making analysis of received results, obeying patient’s rights to hkmplewicz intimacy during examination. Healthcare Service institutes act. Belly muscle exercise in puerperium.

The role of a midwife in closer and further preparation for an operation performing enema, preparing the field of operation, placing a catheter into urinary bladder, taking examination, applying a diet.

Ethics would be a good base for characteristics of moral problems connected with education and the occurring challenges, duties and dangers. Selected aspects of administrative law. Kultura fizyczna w szkole.

Wprowadzenie do fizjologii klinicznej. Documentation of obstetric and general state of a pregnant woman as well as a woman in puerperium. Searching for new solutions to health problems of a patient treated internally, searching for new solutions to human health problems, shaping abilities of professional self-educating. Applying sanitary-hygienic regime principles of hand-washing, segregation of contaminated material, tools disinfection, obeying the principles of aseptic and antiseptic. Cranium, spine, pelvis and limbs bones.

Carrying out midwifery-gynaecological interviews, observations, measurement and analysis of documentation. Nursing a patient with cardiac muscle infarction. Nutrition rudiments in circulatory system diseases.


Panasiuk, Bazyli

Documentation of a pregnant woman health condition. Cukrzyca – nauczanie samoopieki. Physiology of puerperium, lactation. Familiarizing oneself with the essence of psychological health disorders; peculiarity of disorders in different periods of human life; principles of proceedings in selected psychological disorders; prevention from psychological health disorders; ability to use acquired knowledge in professional practice as well as motivation to explore psychiatric knowledge systematically.

Early stadiums of human development. Making use of respiratory exercise during delivery. Psychological aspects of paternity. Polish representatives of philosophy. Preparing exercise syllabus depending on the age, gender and health condition.

Biological characteristics of arthropods and insects.

ECTS 2006/2007

Familiarizing oneself with primary concepts in scope of knowledge interpreting and understanding: Rozmawia Zbigniew Mentzel, Krakow: Drops intravenous infusion, blood transfusion and administering cytostatics.

Undertaking the topic of studying philosophy at non-philosophical studies it is rather common to admit the need of doing an introduction to philosophy.

Surgical treatment of an injury. With the conviction that teachers should have the knowledge of cultural oeuvre Gerard L. W poszukiwaniu zdrowia psychicznego. Selected aspects of psychological help.

Standards of nursing care in pregnancy complicated by mother’s disease. Nursing a patient after osseous-articular system injury.