El Gran Cuaderno/the Great Notebook: : Agota Kristof: Books. Als 21 anys Agota Kristof abandonà el seu país, Hongria, quan l’exèrcit soviètic ISBN ; Claus y Lucas: El gran cuaderno; La prueba; La. These three internationally acclaimed novels have confirmed Agota Kristof’s reputation as one of the most provocative exponents of new-wave European fiction.

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Jan 10, M. En el transcurso de los tres textos es posible ver un cambio bastante importante en cuanto a la forma en que se presentan dichas historias.

They left their home and entered a house and along entered a Notebook in which the words were written without exposing them to the sensitivity of daylight. I would have rated this higher had not I fallen out of love with sadists a while ago.

I found myself in a place that was being bombed. Goodreads is the best website ever. There are only versions of it. The desperation that stems from loneliness blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Un modo di raccontare lapidario e senza filtri che colpisce dritto al petto. C’era un personaggio, Clara, che continuava a parlare del marito giustiziato ingiustamente da “loro”, i sovietici, immaginoe che non faceva altro che parlare di Thomas, suo marito, a chiunque intrattenesse una conversazione con lei.

All white, all male, all done to death.

The twins do everything together, their voices are one. The world of lies won’t suffice anymore. The soldier who rapes numerous women and goes home to a loving wife and a child? There is no use in embellishing the rawness of life, her prose is dry and brutal.


And that Kristof’s work is at the same time incredibly complex is a wonder. Mentre Che dire di questo romanzo?

Agota Kristof

Quotes from The Notebook, The The twins exclude the word and the notion of love from cuadeerno lives. The twins might make crazy things just for his agoat of justice, meanwhile his book is filled with language in an innocent voice. I don’t know where this story ends and where it begins.

Depicts the slow decline of three individuals as they are sucked into a kristov of sinful existence. I don’t love you. Who is writing this? Or it might give irrefutable evidence of their veracity. I have to believe The Notebook Trilogy does so too. Share this Rating Title: It is a twisted world with an ugliness, cruelty and depravity distorted to the point where it becomes absurd, irrational, sickening. Maybe, even equating to the onset of a war.

And so, in the third book, The Third Lie, we lose our footing completely. Recommended to Mariel by: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie: Three Novels

Was this review helpful to you? Facts are spoken simply, though they are often staggering in their ferocity. Un libro molto bello, coinvolgente, che colpisce nel profondo. A momenti non finivo di preparare la valigia tanto la lettura della prima parte mi aveva completamente fagocitata.

The circumstances which compel a person to act as a Grim Reaper or the Messiah of Life makes no distinction between a child and an elderly person but one thing which must remain constant during bleak times as a profound consolation is the presence of love and the bonds it gives birth to.


Mar 02, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve lived with fear since I was a child. The atrocity of the external war trickles down bringing an internal chaotic conundrum.

The desk is vacant, not a soul in sight. Or one single soul disjointed in two beings? Are they not all true? And yet what is fascinating is the range of different approaches to this same source material. By the end of ‘The Proof’ we are forced to ask questions we should have asked earlier.

Agota Kristof – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

I haven’t lived through a war, I don’t know how bombardments feel like. Life is the invention of a non-God whose evil surpasses understanding. But it isn’t always where we want to be. The truth about what it means to be alone and if you can ever be another person. Per lui ci voleva un tempo morto appunto, mica il tempo in krixtof sarei stata libera e spaparanzata sul divano di casa mia, con la mente totalmente libera e spoglia da pensieri!

Sep 20, Aubrey rated it really liked it Recommended to Aubrey by: