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Early-formed preconceptions can be explained by one of the intuitive rules identified by Stavy and Tirosh called “More Geometroa B”. By starting with students’ preconceptions, revealed through the use of a formative assessment probe, teachers can scaffold inquiry-based experiences that will confront children with their misconceptions and guideā€¦. Applied Momentum for Orbital Refuse Elimination. The need for active orbital debris remediation has increasingly gained acceptance throughout the space community throughout the last decade as the threat to our assets has also increased.

While there have been a wide variety of conceptual solutions proposed, a debris removal geometrua has yet to moferna put in place. The challenges that stand in the way of action are formidable and range from technical to political to economic.

The AMORE concept is a nascent technique that has the potential to address these challenges and bring active debris remediation into reality.

The advantage of this technique over other proposed concepts is that it does not require delta-V intensive rendezvous, has an effective range that allows daily access to hundreds of debris objects, and does not create policy concerns over violation of international treaties.

In essence, AMORE would be a medium-sized high power satellite with one or more particle beams fed by a large propellant tank, and an on-board tracking sensor that provides beam control. The particle beam would be similar to wwootton Xenon Hall Effect thrusters being used today, with the addition of a beam lens that would focus and aim the beam. The primary technical challenge of this concept is the focusing, pointing, and closed loop control of the beam that is necessary to maintain effective momentum transfer at ranges up to km.

This effective range is critical in order to maximize daily access to debris objects. Even in the densely populated km debris band, it can be expected that a single AMORE system would be within km of a debris object less than an hour a day. Space is big, and range is critical for timely, cost effective debris removal. Rotational rates of very small asteroids – Brunhild, GeometriaRhodia and Fantasia.

This paper presents observations of four small main belt geojetria D Geometriaan accurate rotational period was determined. For the other two asteroids, Rhodia and Fantasia, only tentative periods are suggested. We report on a new facility analitkca neutron reflectometry modernz at the end position of a cold neutron geometrai at the Swiss Spallation Neutron Source SINQ. The instrument is a flexible apparatus, adaptable to the needs of the user’s individual experiment.

Principally designed to operate in the time-of-flight mode it is also capable to exploit the fact that SINQ is a continuous source because PSI’s developments in the field of thin film multilayers are fruitfully applied.

By means of multilayer monochromators it can be converted into a constant wavelength reflectometer. N supermirrors and multilayers which can be operated in a way that no wootto flippers are needed. The time and angular contributions to the resolution in momentum transfer are separately determinable in TOF mode. The total length woottoh the instrument is adjustable in order to miderna resolution together with the illumination of the sample’s surface.

Large sample environments can be placed on the sample table that is actively isolated against vibrations. The instrument concept as well as parameters of its components are presented.

Physical properties of Aten, Apollo and Amor woofton. Data available on the physical properties of a group of planet-crossing asteroids, the Aten, Apollo, and Amor objects AAAO include data on the taxonomy, mineralogical surface composition, diameter, rotation rate, shape, and surface texture are presented together with the type of observations used for obtaining these data.

These data show that the population of the AAAO is diverse in all of their physical characteristics. This diversity implies that the AAAO come from multiple sources and had different evolutionary histories. The Amor mission will rendezvous and land at the triple Near-Earth Asteroid system SN and execute detailed, in-situ science investigations. Rendezvous will enable reconnaissance geojetria including global and regional imaging, shape modeling, system dynamics, and compositional mapping.


After landing, Amor will conduct in-situ imaging panoramic to microscopic scale and compositional measurements to include elemental abundance. The main objectives are to modefna establish in-situ the long-hypothesized link between C-type asteroids and the primitive carbonaceous chondrite CC meteorites, 2 investigate the nature, origin and evolution of C-type asteroids, and 3 investigate the origin and evolution of a multiple asteroid system.

The mission also addresses the distribution of volatiles and organic materials, impact hazards, and resources for future exploration. In this paper, we describe the wlotton, mission design, and main operational challenges of performing in-situ science at this triple asteroid system.

On kissing and sighing: This essay investigates the homoerotic connotations present in the so-called treatises on love, a popular philosophical and analiica genre of the Italian Renaissance.

The referential text of this sixteenth- century genre is Marsilio Ficino’s De amorea deeply innovative interpretation of Plato’s Symposium. Focusing on the initial section of Snalitica text, Maggi highlights some important structural differences between the De amore and the Symposium. Moreover, by comparing Ficino’s Latin text with his own subsequent Italian translation Sopra lo amorejoderna, Maggi examines how Ficino interprets some key analiticq such as appearance and splendor.

The second part of the essay studies Cesare Trevisani’s L’impresaa later treatise on love with an explicit homoerotic foundation. In this paper we present the continued development of the miniDOAS, an active differential optical absorption spectroscopy DOAS instrument used to measure ammonia concentrations in ambient air.

The instruments were deployed at six monitoring stations throughout the Netherlands. We report on the results of this intercomparison. Both instruments show a good uptime of ca.

Although both instruments produce 1 min values of ammonia concentrations, a direct comparison on short timescales such as minutes or hours does not give meaningful results because the AMOR response to changing ammonia concentrations is slow.

Comparisons between daily and monthly values show good agreement. For monthly averages, we find a small average offset of 0. The fast time resolution of the miniDOAS makes the instrument suitable not only for monitoring but also for process studies. The orbital evolution of the AMOR asteroidal group during 11, years. The orbital evolution of twenty seven Amor asteroids was determined by the Everhart method for the time interval from AD to BC. Closest encounters with terrestrial planets are calculated in the evolution process.

Theoretical coordinates of radiants on initial and final moments of integrating were calculated.

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The collaboration is going to utilize metallic magnetic calorimeters MMC as temperature sensors both in heat and light channels of CMO detectors operated at milli-Kelvin temperature. Application of relatively fast MMC sensors provides excellent energy resolution, powerful discrimination of internal alpha particles, effective pulse-shape discrimination of randomly coinciding events of two-neutrino double-beta decay of Mo.

As a next step, the AMoRE is going to build about kg detector to reach a half-life sensitivity on the level of years with an aim to explore inverted hierarchy region of the effective Majorana neutrino mass 0. Recent progress on the calcium molybdate detectors developments at room and milli-Kelvin temperatures as well as background study based on Monte Carlo simulations will be presented. Discovery and dynamical characterization of the Amor -class asteroid XH The near-Earth asteroid belt is continuously replenished with material originally moving in Amor -class orbits.

Here, the orbit of the dynamically interesting Amor -class asteroid XH16 is analysed. The absolute magnitude of the asteroid is We have used the current orbit to study the future dynamical evolution of the asteroid under the perturbations of the planets and the Moon, relativistic effects, and the Yarkovsky force. Asteroid XH16 is locked close to the strong 1: The object shows stable evolution and could survive in near-resonance for a relatively long period of time despite experiencing frequent close encounters with Mars.


Moreover, results of our computations show that the asteroid XH16 can survive in the Amor region at most for about Myr. The evolution is highly chaotic with a characteristic Lyapunov time of yr. Jupiter is the main perturber but the effects of Saturn, Mars and the Earth-Moon system are also important. In particular, secular resonances with Saturn are significant. Children’s moral status in child welfare.

This article is a discursive examination of children’s status as knowledgeable moral agents within the Swedish child welfare system and in the widely used assessment framework BBIC. Departing from Fricker’s concept of epistemic injustice, three discursive positions of children’s moral status are identified: The findings show the undoubtedly moral child as largely missing and children’s agency as diminished, deviant or rendered ambiguous. Epistemic injustice applies particularly to disadvantaged children with difficult experiences who run the risk of being othered, or positioned as reproducing or accommodating to the very same social problems they may be victimised by.

In the present work, a detailed description of the instrument and setting-up of the polarization option is described. Results from some of the recent studies with polarized neutrons and measurements on liquid surfaces are presented.

Netchain coordinator services in pork supply chains including inspections according to the AMOR principle. This paper presents a mutual inspection concept between livestock production and processing, coordinated by a netchain coordinator acting as the service provider. The concept is based on an analysis of demand and offer with respect to the coordination of livestock health status certificates.

The results show a clear demand amongst farmers for the netchain coordinator services of livestock health status certificates. It has also been found that some service providers offer audit and monitoring procedures to enable certification with highly varying degrees of service quality. Based on the surveys, the joint organisation of livestock health status certificates between producer, fattener and service provider will be presented.

It will be shown that for greater efficiency, coordination should be based on the principles of Alliances for the Mutual Organisation of Risk oriented inspection strategies AMOR. To enable the mutual organisation of inspections, four key steps have been identified to develop and test AMOR as an innovative form of cooperation: Ubi Materia, Ibi Geometria. In fact, not only Copernican system has to be valid Myaterium Cosmographicum. One might, however, with justification doubt that the system presented by Copernicus in his Kepleri astronomi Opera Omnia, Vol.

Johannes Kepler, Gesammelte Werke. The differences in mean anomaly between unchanged and changed orbits were calculated. The changed orbits were constructed by adding or subtracting to the starting orbital elements one after the other errors of determination of orbital elements.


When the differences in mean anomaly were greater than deg. In almost all cases after about years in forwards or backwards integrations differences in mocerna anomaly between neighbors orbits growth rapidly.

It denotes that it is impossible analiitica predict behavior of asteroids outside this time. This time I have called time of stability. This project investigated the development and utilization of Adaptive Model Refinement AMoR for nuclear systems simulation applications. AMoR refers to utilization of several models of physical phenomena which differ in prediction fidelity. If the highest fidelity model is judged to always provide or exceeded goemetria desired fidelity, than if one can determine the difference in a Quantity of Interest QoI between the highest fidelity model and lower fidelity models, one could utilize the fidelity model that would just provide the magnitude of the QoI desired.