ORDER THE BOOK E-BOOK Kindle Apple Books Google Play NOOK Kobo The Ninja Nicholas Linnear #1 Description The New York Times–bestselling novel. Titles in the Series The Ninja The Miko White Ninja The Kaisho Floating City Second Skin The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear The Oligarch’s Daughter. Unfortunately, this is one of several such things that Eric Van Lustbader wants to show his readers in his De Sadean martial arts mega-seller.

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But then you notice the weird pounding of the same words over and over again: I first read this book in the early 80 ,ustbader it came out and I loved it then.

Or at least irritates him. Re-reading this, having previously read it lustbadeg 20 years ago and was delighted to find that it has certainly stood the test of time.

It was a hot mess. Though the story was clearly fictional, it was extremely well researched and felt authentic. I probably think that one of my guiltiest pleasures is the John Steakley human-in-powersuit-fights-giant-ants scifi schlockfest Armor.

I’m still no authority, but I have a much clearer picture not only of Martial Arts but also the Asian background experience with it.

He tackles the challenges laid before him, eventually determining the threat and part of the cause. This situation actually helps him find his center again. This is some of the most graceful and lyrical writing that I have ever encountered; reading “The Ninja” is like entering a dream.

We have an occidental ninja master named Nicholas Ninka. The Hero and the Girl have a fight. In the process i also missed ninjq on huge chunks of the story, losing the plot totally by the end of it all.

I know very little about Ninjas insofar as what it takes to train oneself to become what is essentially a killing machine. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Nicholas Linnear Novels

No And sometimes, you know you’re in trouble on page 1. Was that intentional on Lustbader’s part? Nicholas, while trying to find Saigo, before he kills all his friends; disappears as we flash back to the earlier History of Nicholas’ parents.


It stuck in my mind over the years as one of the best books I had ever read. It starts out promisingly, with an intriguing assassination, but from there switches gears to protagonist Nicholas Linnear, who has just quit his job as an advertising executive, watching a drowned corpse being pulled from the ocean near his house, where he literally runs into his neighbor Justine.

The action scenes are absolutely rivetting, and still have me writhing in my seat trying to block as the blows fall. Heck, all the jumping from one scene to another interfered with the flow. The flash backs are there to expand on the life of Nicholas Linnear as he grows up learning martial arts and becoming abl Re-reading this, having previously read it over 20 years ago and was delighted to find that it has certainly stood the test of time.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Well, page 17, in fact, but it’s the first page of the first book, after a three page prologue.

It is suggested that by becoming ninja they strive to advance to an even higher plane, gaining skills such as harageior sensing the surrounding world in a different manner.


This guy has great metaphors; I must have marked over 60 in the book and it’s only about pages long! Dialogue is just exposition; it doesn’t matter who’s mouth it is. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Brothels, blowguns, hypnosis tricks and poison shuriken abound.

The Colonel and Cheong marry out of love love, and from this marriage comes young Nicholas. Old story of one adept being jealous of another and revenge because of many unsettled issues.

One would think that with a book titled The Ninja that the pages would be a blood-spattered mess right out of some John Woo spectacle. I would like to thank NetGalley and Open Road Media for the chance to read this e-book in exchange for an honest review.

Many years later, Linnear minja moved to America and leads a peaceful academic existence. They threw out that first script, for instance. Although he does helpfully and artlessly just straight out say.


Although I received it for free, that in no way impacts my opinions within this review. Cover to the mass market paperback edition. My views this time around are totally confused, initially i liked the book, say for the first pages or so.

I am currently reading “Shibumi” by Trevanian – – another book from my youth I recall reading just before reading “The Ninja” – – and, so far, it seems to be holding up despite the passage of time. What does “angustate” mean?

Nicholas Linnear Novels | Eric Van Lustbader

He was so not. This book, which I thought would appeal to my love of thrillers and Asian culture, may appeal more to females in my life that last read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Pages to import images to Wikidata. The plot is risible but provided a template used time and time lustbsder throughout the decade. I have family who have been in the film business all their lives.

We asked the author about his first exposure in that pre-boom period: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He was raised Jewish, a fact very few people were aware of, for he changed his surname once he realized that Jewish people could only advance so far within the English military structure.

Linnear is the most compelling and believable of characters in fric genre that is usually packed with exaggeration and circus acrobats. An overly-intellectualizing, pretentious jackass, who, rather than having normal conversations with Yukio and Justine, just preaches and etic to them.

I’d never even watched a Bruce Lee movie all the way through because martial arts never interested me very much. This approach helps clarify the story for the nijja, as well as neatly avoiding overuse of flashbacks.

All I learned about my neighbor by reading Van Lustbader’s The Ninja is that he was an exceptionally horny teenager but who wasn’t.