The Epitome Historiae Sacrae consists of stories and is approximately 14, Latin words in length. Claude Pavur January God creates the world. TEXTO LATINO DE LHOMOND EXPLICADO EM PORTUGUES POR ANTONIO DE CASTRO LOPES. Epitome historiae sacrae IntraText: testo integrale, concordanze e liste di frequenza – The IntraText Epitome historiae sacrae: full text, concordances and.

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Epitome is a summary of the Old Testament–the so called, “sacred history”–and De viris is a summary of Roman history. The state of the Jews after their return from captivity.


Tobit becomes blind, and suffers this affliction, with patience. The Epitome Historiae Sacrae consists of stories and is approximately 14, Latin words in xacrae.

This book was written originally by Lhomond in classical style as a first text to read after learning the declensions and conjugations. AndAnt marked it as to-read Apr 11, Stephanie rated it really liked it Jul 21, History of Esther, wife of king Assuerus.

The students’ easier recognition and then mastery of frequently recurring structural patterns should accelerate their acquisition of reading-fluency. LAI Shou-cheng marked it as to-read Jul 31, Circumflex accents are used in place of macrons for better compatibility with various fonts, even though the rarely-occurring long Y cannot be indicated this way.


Cyrus, king of Persia, historlae himself hisotriae of Babylon, and grants the Jews liberty; in the year before Jesus Christ. Dolphin rated it really liked it Nov 27, Miriam marked it as to-read Sep 07, I read Epitome last summer after completing a two semester Latin course based on Wheelock.

Lhomond’s Epitome Historiae Sacrae – LTM edition – Saint Louis University

The Hebrews, under the conduct of Joshua, pass the Jordan dry-shod: Daniel and his companions raised in the palace of Nebuchodonosor. David mourns the Death of Saul, his enemy. Absalom is vanquished and remains suspended to a tree by his hair. Jonathan succeeds Judas Machabeus. Join the official Latin discord server historuae Joseph causes his silver cup to be put into Benjamin’s sack. The Epitome ‘s simplicity sactae well adapted to the early intermediate student.

Angelo added it Mar 14, Tim Scott marked it as to-read Jan 19, They also provide an interesting source of comparison with both the mythological and the historical content found in that reader.

Sebastian marked it as to-read Jul 08, Thanks for the input! However, there’s no need to buy it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. His wife bribed by the Philistines, betrays him. Remember epitoke on this computer. It is being made freely available here for non-commercial educational use. Propinquitous rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Saul is elected king.


Birth of the Messiah.

Epitome Historiae Sacrae: Brevi Christi Vitae Narratione Addita

The history of a nation is told through the story of Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Samson, and many others all the way to Jesus’ birth, preaching, and passion in perfect Latin. Samson becoming great, molests the Philistines in the year before J. I find I really don’t enjoy reading off a screen, that’s one of the reasons I was wondering about the print version. I also found the exercises between readings to be really confusing and couldn’t always figure out what they were looking for, and it doesn’t seem like the answer key is widely available.

And of course, there is some value in keeping the titles for those who wish to study the development of texts for Latin-learning: Moses undertakes the deliverance of his people.

The original Vulgate can be read without much difficulty after mastering Familia Romana, while the Epitome can be easily read together with the middle to latter chapters of FR.

Published April 1st by Focus first published The Egyptians are swallowed up by the waves. I just had a few questions for anyone who has gone through this.