SAMPLE TEST (B2). READING. Part 1. You are going to read a magazine article about a young mother whose house was burgled. (2 points for each question). O szkole Kursy Szkolenia dla firm Egzaminy Cennik Testy kwalifikacyjne CAE – Test 1 CAE – Test 2 Rejestracja na egzamin. Egzamin Cambridge YLE Pre A1 Starters to pierwszy z trzech międzynarodowych egzaminów Cambridge z języka angielskiego dla dzieci klas szkół.

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This will also give you the chance to impress the examiner with your communication skills. Try our daily English colloquial vocabulary quiz.

B If you didn’t hear or didn’t understand something your partner has said, ask them to repeat it: Time yourself and ask a friend for feedback. Vedrana, English language student, Sebia. I fcf learning English and I think it would be good to have a qualification to show my level.

Thank you Candidate A. Now, I’d like you to talk about something together for about 3 minutes. My brother works as a computer technician.

They show people participating in sporting activities. You’ll find below an overview of the oral exam plus tips to help you do your best on the day of the FCE test. Which sports are popular with young people in your country? In Part 4 of the test, which lasts about 4 minutes, the examiner will join both candidates in a discussion about the general topic that appeared in Part 3.


Przykładowe Testy Egzaminów Cambridge English

Do you think this is true? Be prepared to ask your partner for his or her opinion rather than simply stating your own. Part 2 Long Turn Tests ability to: Discussion Tests ability to: For exampleit’s a way to keep fit of course, but we also meet new people eggzamin can get a lot of enjoyment from a sport Do you play any musical instruments?

These are questions beginning ‘Have you C Alternatively, you might want to confirm what you think your partner said so you could say something like: The interview will begin with the examiner saying something like:.

Test wyboru

Giving full answers to the examiner’s questions will help get the interview off to a good start. You want to see as much as possible but don’t want to spend too much money on transport.

Part 1 of the FCE Speaking test ezamin about 3 minutes.

Then decide evzamin one would be best. Test your Speaking vocabulary. The examiner gives you two photographs and your partner a different pair of photographs.


Test sprawdzający – czasy angielskie

The question will help you with the structure of your talk. Where are you from? Candidate B ebzamin sport would you most like to try? You also have to show you can work with your partner to try to reach some form of agreement. Could you explain what you mean?

Cambridge English sample tests

In Part 3 of the test, which lasts about egaamin minutes, the examiner will give both candidates instructions and a set of visuals and the candidates will have to try to reach some form of agreement. Two examiners are present. If you don’t understand the instructions you should ask the examiner to repeat them: More friends from around the world