The EAI Siebel Adapter business service is one of the important and widely used EAI business service. In this article we consolidated some. “Hey everyone, My question pertains to the EAI Siebel Adapter=2E I want to use it = to insert data (i=2Ee=2E, an Opportuinity) in the Siebel database= using the. I use this Web Service to insert and update accounts on Siebel. The Integration Object is based on the Account BO and has 2 integration components: Account.

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You can include the child integration component in a search specification only if its parent components are also included.

To obtain the ID field when multiple integration objects are processed, use the StatusObject argument. This search specification queries accounts that either have a site that starts with the character A, exi do not have a site specified. How to create a new static picklist in Siebel? Expressions within a single integration component are restricted only by the Siebel Query Language supported by the Object Manager. In addition, for the queried accounts, it queries only those associated contacts who have a phone adzpter.

Primary Row Id of primary business component. This argument allows you to specify complex search specifications as free text in a single method argument. This method only accepts integration object instance as input argument. Boolean indicating whether or not the last record in the query result set has been returned. Performs synchronise operation for child bus comp. The name of the integration object that is to be output.


EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service Overview – Part 1 – OPTANIUM

ForwardOnly is more efficient than Bidirectional, and is recommended in cases where you must process a large number of records adaptter the forward direction only such as for report generation. The MessageId can be used to specify the ID for the generated message.

What are different forms of applet toggles? Default is the SortSpec of the underlying business component. Operations that can be specified is: Row id of the primary BusComp Search spec consisting of parent and child buscomp fields.

You use the DOT notation to refer to integration components and their fields. Deletes all the child records if instance has empty container. How to fix a picklist field? Default is 0 first page.

EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service Overview – Part 1

It does not deletes the child records from the database if adqpter IC is not present in inputs. Inputs which can be provided are: Visibility mode to be applied to the Business Object.

Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete. However, if you want to use the workflow instance ID, then you can use this argument to specify the ID.

Insert Method can be used to insert records in siebel database. What is the difference between Constraint pick map and Copy pick map in Siebel? Integration object instance – which is also known as Query By Example Only required input argument of this method is Output Integration Object Name which is the name of integration object which is queried by the service. This method argument allows you to specify acapter search specifications as free text in a single method argument.


Query can be executed using: The input or the output integration object instance.

Indicates the row in the result set for the QueryPage method to start retrieving a page of records. Anonymous July 10, at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home. Synchronise Synchronize method combines ezi, update and delete operations and make the database content as same as integration object instance. Indicates the maximum number of integration object instances to be returned. This argument allows you to specify complex sort criteria as a free text in a single method argument, using any business component fields and standard Siebel sort syntax.

Exceptions Does not delete child data if child component is not present in integration object instance. Popular Configuration Interview Questions: Valid values are ForwardOnly and Bidirectional. For operations that are likely to return more than records, use ForwardOnly to avoid errors.

Note that the ViewMode user property on the integration object has priority over the ViewMode method argument. Is combination of Insert and Update. Execute method performs operation depending upon the operation variable present in the instance. Query method is used to query data from Siebel, output of this method is Integration Object instance.

Bookshelf v/ EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service Method Arguments

Search spec Integration Component Instance. What is the performace impacts of using applet toggles? The default is Bidirectional.