Please read the notes over the page before you fill in this form. Please write clearly for refund of vehicle tax when the tax disc is missing’ (V33), which you can. Find out all about which forms you need to complete in order to ensure that you are fully legally covered. Everything you need to know about DVLA forms. idiotically you either have to go into a DVLA office (not convinient as car stolen and bike off the road) or phone them for the form (they never.

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Order DVLA forms

There are a host of forms you can order, download and print — and the DVLA gives a rundown of each application pack available. The DVLA forms contact number — — may also be of help to you, particularly as the team will be able to guide you to the specific forms and documentation you need for your circumstances.

Analytical cookies help us to improve our website by collecting and reporting information on its usage. Whatever your circumstances may be, it is important to know what forms are available to you and how you can fill them out for your own benefit. Driving lessons and practice. Top 10 most expensive places to park per hour in the UK vs the Start now on DVLA online form ordering.

You must have an insurance policy that allows you to drive without supervision. There is a more comprehensive guide to smaller forms and notices that can be downloaded and printed at home available here. Apply for a driving licence for all vehicle types in Northern Ireland.


Vehicle Tax Refunds

The police will tell DVLA about the theft and if the vehicle is found. Easy and uncomplicated transaction and money was paid into my account very quickly. You can, alternatively, discuss your concerns regarding the forms you are waiting for by callingor you can visit your local post office to collect physical forms. Skip to main content. Will definitely use in the future. Every time I contacted NN there was always someone there to give information or guide me to what I needed to know with politeness and professionalism.

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Number plates came within a couple of days, very nice as well. Book and manage your driving test. Very professional and would highly recommend! A cheque for ponds dropped through my door yesterday for a car I part-exed at the end of October. Here is a brief rundown of the forms fomr to order.

Learners on the Motorway 7 Mar Licences, too, are being returned quicker than ever. They credited me November back in full, so in a move I wouldn’t expect from the taxman they appear to calculate it from the transfer date you put on the form, not the day they write the cheque.

DVLA Forms

Svla bet that’s one that’s in there. Pick a prefix letter, a number and three more letters. Please explain your rating. Check what age you can drive Requirements for driving legally Driving eyesight rules. Home Crime, justice and the law Reporting crimes and getting compensation.


Once they received all my paperwork, and monies from the buyer, I was paid by bank transfer. Thank you for your feedback.

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It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? I would recommend them to anyone, their service is 2nd to none. V — If you wish to retain or move your number plate to an alternative vehicle, simply fill in and return this form.

If your vehicle had a personalised registration number that you want to keep, you need to get it back before you tell DVLA that you no longer own your vehicle. Call your local police station Dial and ask to be put through to your local police. There is a gap of 3 years, days between these two posts Very happy with the service received, from agreeing a price to actually being paid – which was just over a week.

Check you’re allowed to drive. D2 and D4 packs — These complete packs allow you to apply for the above licence offline. Order application packs and forms from DVLA. Just sold a registration number through National Numbers.