NASA Technical Report NASA-TR-R Carpenter, J., Davidson, G., Franklin, F ., and Shepherd, O. Preliminary Observations of Meteor. Free to Copy – One important document was: NASA Technical Report R, “Chronological Catalog of Reported. RARE RARE RARE TO FIND!!! CHRONOLOGICAL LISTING OF LUNAR EVENTS (Including Unexplained FOR the People) by androline in Browse > Science.

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We value your privacy. Docunent, in the absence of eyewitness reports from multiple observers at multiple locations on Earth for the same eventthese must be regarded with caution.

No impact craters formed between the Clementine global resolution metre, selected areas metre and SMART-1 resolution 50 metre missions have been identified.

Transient lunar phenomenon

These observations could be explained by the slow and visually imperceptible diffusion of gas to the surface, or by discrete explosive events. For more than three years, NASA has funded a study by several researchers who listed all the bright anomalies reported by scientists and astronomers from the 16th century to the s.

The visible temporary lunar surface aberrations recorded down through the centuries total over ! The frontispiece shows the topographical distribution of sites of reported lunar events.

The moon is the only natural Earth satellite and the fifth largest in the Solar System.

The Moon | NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

Of the most reliable of these events, at least one-third come from the vicinity of the Aristarchus plateau. They include reports of seeing areas on the moon’s surface with strange colors, streaks of light, the appearance of mists, or even possible volcanic activity.


Each entry includes a brief description and date of the observation, the name serverswhere these are known, and the reference. Retrieved from ” https: Explanations for the transient lunar phenomena fall in four classes: It is, at the same time, the largest natural satellite of a planet in the Solar System relative to its size and planet Earth.

But still, to be alone in the universe seems unlikely. Nass has been suggested that effects related to either electrostatic charging or discharging might be able to account for some of the transient lunar phenomena.

The majority of TLPs appear to be associated with floor-fractured craters, the edges of lunar mariaor in other locations linked by geologists with volcanic activity.

Nasa document tr r « konmigb’s Blog

However, these are some of the most common targets when viewing the Moon, and this correlation could be an observational bias. Saturn has the most, 62, and around the Earth orbits at least 10 mysterious bodies. As discussed above, an equally plausible hypothesis for some of these events is that they are caused by the terrestrial atmosphere. Wars have intervened, and bad weather cycles have undoubtedly reduced the amount of observing at times.

In the same year, just one month before, the astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus, Sir Frederick W. The report on monthly anomalies was conducted by NASA, one year before the famous landing in August But during those early years, while still catching up, the US committed itself to put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade.


Imagine our world ravaged by the winds of a hurricane, with temperatures ranging from frosty heat to frost. This book citing back to original publications refers to over years worth of notes recording a myriad of observations of unique or unusual phenomena seen on the lunar surface.

Air force reports lunar changes. For instance, some reported transient phenomena are for objects near the resolution of the employed telescopes. Each entry includes a brief description and date serverswhere these are known, and the reference. Text by Paul Abramson.

These gaseous events are purported to display a distinctive reddish hue, while others dofument appeared as white clouds or an indistinct haze. The moon is full of aliens.

Marshall Space Flight Center. Most lunar scientists will acknowledge that transient events such as outgassing and impact cratering do occur over geologic time: What do the Clementine images reveal? One possibility is that electrodynamic effects related to the fracturing of near-surface materials could charge any gases that might be present, such as implanted solar wind or radiogenic daughter products. Reports of transient lunar phenomena range from foggy patches to permanent changes nsa the lunar landscape.

Some non-illuminated part of the from the questionable.