You can help D&D Wiki by finishing and/or adding flavor to this page. The Rune Caster feat is a mandatory bonus feat for the artificer, and can only be taken. First and foremost let me recommend the build guides for all classes on the WOTC forums found in the Character Optimization boards and. The artificer is a playable character class in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game. This fictional class of characters first appeared in the

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More useful in Paragon when allies have more items.

New to 4e – Feel useless as an Artificer

No one will ever be able to question your sense of style when you explain that you cut your own hair with your boot knife. MAD – Multiple attribute dependency, which is defined as needing 3 or more vnd scores for a given build. Obviously you’re main job is to help keep people’s hp up and you increase their defenses. I’ve decided to focus the ratings to being based on having fairly optimized artifier with the idea being to give Magic Weapon’s bonus to as many allies as possible and all other powers either working toward that goal or a useful action when MW simply isn’t an option.

Well, he was doing something that apparently reduced all incoming damage from attacks by twelve.


Curative Admixture is similar to the Cleric’s Healing Word power and the Warlord’s Inspiring Word power, allowing the artificer or an ally within range to regain hit points equal to his or her healing surge value as well as providing additional qrtificer. You must spend a short rest with an item in order to empower it.

In a game of high fantasy, this gets used a LOT. I said shut up!

PP – Paragon path. During a short rest, you or an ally can expend a healing surge to replenish one of the infusions expended.

I want him to succeed in his role. Incisive Dagger – Teleporting is cool, teleporting further is cooler.

Artificer (4e Class)

It looks seductive and artiificer it offers these mechanics. If you’re built around Dancing Weapon and the Arbalest, this is probably the best Path available. Joshua Aslan Smith How about the fact that humans can apparently breed with anything on two legs or even four legs if you count dragons? Cure-All Admixture is such a power. The Dragonmark is pretty central to his concept as a artificef – though I could switch it to a different type of Mark, I suppose.

He needs 8 hours of rest, after which he spends 15 minutes concentrating. At 11th 4ee, an artificer gains the ability to apply a metamagic feat he knows to a spell completion item generally a scroll. Better for hybrids that have access to more healing powers which target allies.

Wizards are one of the strongest classes in the game. Ending the effect to remove a condition is very nice when needed.


Sorcerer is almost the exact opposite of the Artificer, despite both being Arcane they don’t share a single Stat. It is possible for an artificer to learn infusions that are not on the normal artificer infusion list. The big deal is that 3 allies can spend a minor to make a save and get surgeless healing. This can dish out a lot of damage, and is very abusable with high forced movement. They usually wield a staff or quarterstaff, or some bladed weapon. He must meet the caster level prerequisite, including the minimum level to cast a spell he stores in a potion, wand, or scroll.

Martial Artificer, Arcane Artificer. Shielding Elixir is blah, though. Blood of Levistus PHR: The oddballishness of it fits so well with my theme.

Most artificer healing powers target allies only aka everyone but you so you’ll be hard pressed to heal yourself when you take hits as a result of trying to be a defender. This is also the default option for using as just a weapon and having a different item as your Implement.

Healing Surges per Day: OA – Opportunity attack. An artificer’s infusions do not meet spell prerequisites for creating magic items.