Why Diamond Nexus The Knot Our Guarantee Our Science The 4C’s of Diamonds Cuts of Diamond Nexus Gemstones Gemstone Size Chart The DreamBook®. Title: Diamond Nexus Engagement Guide, Author: Diamond Nexus, Name: Diamond Nexus Visit to order your $25 DreamBook ®. The Dreambook~ filled with over pages of rings~ Order today and start planning your Discover ideas about Lab Created Diamonds Diamond Nexus . 3.

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Spent some time reading through the comments. We put it towards the kids college fund. They did put some sort of machine on it and said that some of the fakes test true; but this one did not and they were somewhat surprised.

Real Diamond chemical complisiton is: It turns out that DNL will only warranty stones that they set themselves. Mine is just plain white gold, and I love it.

First the packageing got wet and the post office lost it for almost 2 weeks after posted shipping date. I am not affiliated with DNL in any way. While beautiful, they need to be honest and upfront on what they are selling. Just get a CZ. One engagement over 4 carats and a wedding band 2. If you must have a clear stone, buy a white topaz or sapphire! I saw this exact comment on several other sites. I looked at some CZ stones at local stores, but none of them were set in real gold, and the rings felt cheap and might have turned my finger green!

I found your post about a week ago the day after my gf proposed. We have had nothing diamlnd good service all around. My bf bought me a pendant diamondd years ago, that I get compliments on all the time, and it still looks fantastic.


Every Gal Needs Something That Sparkles: Diamond Nexus Earring Review!

We work with many different sources for lab-grown diamonds, but a good place to learn about them is to look up Diamond Foundry on Google ironically, dresmbook Leonardo DiCaprio has invested with them.

We pick up the ring on the 9th and I will report back. I think my next round will be personalization.

I love the fact that it has a Dream Book and you can have it any way you want it!!! I know DNL has a collection of non-gold rings that are less expensive. There was documentation that looked like the type of certification you receive with a real diamond, a beautiful box, another nice box that actually contained the stone, and mounting and warrantee information.

Diamond Nexus – A Customer’s Perspective

I had plans for my proposal and they were crushed. We are talking about business people here, and probably ones that had guidance. Thanks for this post. In when my then fiance and I were nexue engaged, I told him I did not want a natural diamond and picked out the Ulyssa ring from DNL we were also tight on budget at the time. They were marveled at my ring without doing a complete test. Very happy with Nexus!!

I am considering just a plain band. I set the stone dia,ond and it behaves very much like a diamond. I am in NO way affiliated with Dnl. If you simply clean it with a toothbrush and some dish soap and it will look as good as it did the day you bought it.

Their customer service has been excellent.

Diamond Nexus – A Customer’s Perspective – Frugal Babe

They also have the Round Brilliant cut diamond simulants. I get many compliments on it. But I know that the setting is solid and secure, and the ndxus itself perfectly matches the white gold wedding band that we bought at the Shane Company when we got married. If that is important to you, I would go with a size that you could afford diamond wise. Once you are totally satisfied with how it looks they will move forward with creating the wax molds, casting your piece, stone setting, polishing and everything else they do.


I saw a few bad reviews, and talked to my friends about that. I returned her ring to DNL to get my refund. The tax advantages, ease of liquidation of equity private or publicand entity book keeping, among others, are the main reasons.

Every Gal Needs Something That Sparkles: Diamond Nexus Earring Review! | Jenns Blah Blah Blog

Overall, I was happy with the purchase and the customer service. To me, in the end we will share everything so why not share the expense of that. And spreading rumors online is even easier than spreading rumors in a 6th grade classroom.

I also love that if there is a review a contest is sure to follow. I remember scouring these blogs when I was shopping, so I thought I would give my two cents with diamonv the ring a while. My boyfriend and i have been talking about getting engaged for daimond wile now but he just doent have the money to go out and get a real diamond. Terri, Sorry to hear about what happened.

Thanks for the update Terri. I am so excited to actually wear the thing when my boyfriend proposes!!! Are you sure the dianond is gold and not silver or plated? They rhodium plated and polished the ring and it is the most beautiful we have ever seen it! I no longer have that ring.