Find out more on Dell Latitude D specifications on PC World. Specifications. Dell D Processor The Dell Latitude D is optimized for hard business work Dell Latitude D Image. Compared to its predecessor, the Dell Latitude D looks like it’s been on Weight Watchers–and we love the results. This corporate system weighs a.

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The wide touch pad has a smooth surface with good sliding properties. The Dell Latitude L comes with a non reflecting The case feels high-quality I have not had a chance to use this extensively but it looks like a nice, enterprise-grade security suite. In Idle mode or while delp low-demand office applications the fan runs steadily at its lowest level and the notebook emits a very quiet background noise.

Although the metal display hinge is very robust, it unfortunately clatters clearly. The trend in most consumer notebooks is towards the glossy screens which feature vivid colors and higher brightness for the benefit of gaming, movie-watching, and photo-viewing. The measured maximum brightness of Back side view of D ports view large image.

The WLAN can be activated by a slide switch located at the right side. Both of the big hinges allow to securely position the rather form stable Windows Vista is no problem and can be ordered with the notebook at configuration time as alternative to Windows XP.

The fan runs all the time, but its noise level is still passable. In this picture you can see the ambient light sensor on the screen that adjusts screen brightness automatically, screen hinge on the left view large image.


Besides a clear increase at the bottom side, where Input Methods Dell Latitude D keyboard and touchpad view large image Like most corporate notebooks the D comes with both a touchpad and a pointing nub, the latter of which has long since disappeared in the consumer market. Both hinges seem spacious and robust and keep the display in its position with hardly any see-saw.

The measurement diagram depicts a good red a green color curve and the usual deviation of the blue color curve. The keyboard seems passable, you might only get used to the track point first.

Thus, there is some amount of flex when handling that area but by no means is the amount of flex disturbing. Considering that the D can be equipped with a supplement battery attached to the modular drive, the mobility of the D is excellent.

I have not yet had to deal with customer support and I hope I never have to. The bigger 9 cell wpecs should make a runtime of up to 5 hours possible.

The Dell Latitude is in the reviewed version pleasingly very quiet. So, the notebook is very flexural rigid, While I agree that it would be a great tool for a business, dfll D could also be an excellent notebook for a student looking for performance, ease of use and occasional gaming.

Also the sound of the speakers is good. So, this notebook has similar to same properties than e. Pictured above on the left side you can see the wi-fi catcher, the orange glowing light indicates no wireless access points have been found after pushing the catcher view large image. Even the small 6 cell battery provided us with a runtime of up to 3.


Review Dell Latitude D830 Notebook

Your workday, however, ho Speaker The D’s speakers are left and right besides the keyboard. Games are only limited possible, but older games without much 3D depl are yet playable. When I apply pressure to the lid of the notebook no ripples appear, a common occurrence on poorer built machines. The D’s speakers are left and right besides the keyboard.

Review Dell Latitude 131L Notebook

Dell Latitude 10 Hands-on Posted This is also proved by the performed benchmark tests. You should not even think on playing current games, because you can only expect limited graphical power for games from a video card of class 4.

Typing more forcefully leads to a harsh stop at the end of the travel and a lot of noise. The notebook was equipped with a 80 GB hard disk with revs by Fujitsu.

Dell Latitude D – External Reviews

When idling or performing everyday tasks the fan speed is very slow resulting in relatively silent rell. In fact, to fully open the screen I have to hold down keyboard half of the notebook. The whole underside and lid of the laptop feel like metal but, unfortunately, the wrist rests are plastic. Also the robustness is unchanged. Battery I ordered the D with the standard 6-cell battery.