Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld. Once the most populated and largest of the Craftworlds, it is now on the brink of extinction after being invaded by Hive Fleet. This article is about the Chaos invasion; for the Tyranid invasion of Iyanden, see The Battle of Iyanden was a major Chaos invasion of the Eldar Craftworld of. Background: Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld, the greatest worldship of the Eldar empire that was.

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Thousands upon thousands of bio-ships were consumed in that cataclysm, but many more endured the nuclear fire to continue their relentless advance.

Warhammer 40K

Each time, he saw only the same; the runes for pride, doom and salvation circling that of Asuryan. Next came Ravagerstheir Dark Lances reducing Trukks and tanks to smouldering ruins.

He was glad that the Craftworld’s madness had at last burnt itself out, but he despaired at the price. Lexicanum pages needing citation. We’re still in the new edition hype phase.

40K: Wraiths Of Wrath – Iyanden Craftworld Focus – Bell of Lost Souls

As the Ork reinforcements began to arrive, Iyanna looked upon the forces now arrayed against her and knew that she could not prevail. Yet even in the darkness, some hope remained. Alas, it soon became clear that the Eldar of Biel-Tan fought not to defeat servants of the Dark Gods, but to humble all who barred the Eldar path to re-ascension. I’m mainly surprised because I assumed the Ynnari were going to be the sole focus for the Eldar going forward, just like Primaris are going to be the sole focus for Marines.

Many of its Farseers had perished during the pivotal battle at the Godpeak, Taec Silvereye amongst them, and the absence of their wisdom would hurt the Craftworld greatly in the future. So it was that Kelmon, in his moment of self-doubt, compounded Iyanden’s danger a hundredfold.


Only Ynnead ‘s embrace offered any craftwold of salvation. Log in and join the community. They had been tested, they said, and had emerged stronger for it. Each time, he saw only the same; the runes for pride, doom and salvation circling that of Asuryan. The Avatarthe embodied spirit of the Craftworld’s war god, would be awakened to take part in the battle. Thus do the Eldar begin a series of campaigns designed to bring these two enemies into direct conflict, sparing Iyanden from destruction.

Iyanden is the Craftworld for you. As the Orks advanced through the ashen remains of the crwftworld and charged home against her army, she sent a telepathic signal high into the mountains that summoned her Hemlock Wraithfighters to the crafgworld.

Over the course of the preceding centrueis, Eldrad Ulthran had become increasingly aware of a growing threat upon the eastern rim, a hungry darkness that was as rapacious for Eldar flesh as Slaanesh was for Eldar souls. Iywnden naval fleet valiantly defend their home, trying desperately to delay the inevitable.

Though this ideology quickly faded when the scars Slaanesh left upon the Eldar psyche failed to heal, the dream of rebuilding the empire of the past never craftwofld. The torpedo struck the Craftworld high on its upper port-side quadrant.

Nonetheless, the Eldar knew that this was a fight that they could not win without aid from the rest of the Craftworld. As for Yriel, he was weary to his bones.

Craftworld Iyanden | Wiki | Warhammer 40K Amino

Swift-winged Vampire Raiders carried Wraithguard and Wraithblade strike vraftworld against fuelling stations, asteroid bases, monitoring posts and slave yards. The Eldar wept tears of anger to see the hideous and twisted parodies of once-great trees that were left standing. Loathe to lose more lives aboard the shipyard than he had already, Yriel ordered the Aspect Warriors to retreat, and loosed his ghost warriors to the hunt.


Tens of thousands of Eldar had died instantly when the cyclonic torpedo struck; worse, their spirit stones had been destroyed in the same moment, dooming the slain to suffer Slaanesh’s cruel embrace. Taec Silvereye had fallen back before the horde, trading distance for iyabden in which other ghost warriors could be awoken and marshalled to the cratworld, but at last, he had run out of places to retreat to.

It said much about the Farseer’s mental state that his greeting was less than polite, but if Sylandri took offence she gave no sign. They took no pleasure in their victories, seeing them merely as the righteous eradication of vermin, growing ever more bitter each time they encountered a world in need of cleansing.

However the second Space Hulk is far more heavily defended and it became clear that the Eldar would have to board it and destroy it from the inside. Iyanden Guardian Defenders board Kallorax’s flagship. Asuryan is the oldest and greatest of the ancient Eldar deities. Iyanden had faced this threat — this Great Devourer — and they had vanquished it, Kelmon icily informed his guest.

Craftworld Iyanden

Stunned, Yriel fell to his knees. By the time the first Eldar fleets had engaged Hive Fleet Naga, Halathel, largest and most prosperous of the Exodite worlds, was all but overrun by Tyranids.

With one last curse, he toppled over, stone dead.