Veja grátis o arquivo Convulsão febril enviado para a disciplina de Neuro Infantil Categoria: Anotações – Veja grátis o arquivo Convulsão febril enviado para a disciplina de Neuro Infantil Categoria: Anotações – 4 – GUERREIRO, Marilisa M. et al. Profilaxia intermitente na convulsão febril com diazepam via oral. Arq. Neuro-Psiquiatr. [online]. , vol, n.2, pp

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A genetic disorder with heterogeneous clinical phenotypes.

Epidemiology of febrile and afebrile convulsions in children in Japan. Delayed treatment and the de- velopment of febrile status epilepticus in a child is a risk factor for acute brain febrjl, the development of epilepsy, and long-term neurocognitive disability. Enviado por Gabriella flag Denunciar. This article provides an update on the current understanding and management of febrile seizures.

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Febrile seizures inasouth Indiandistrict: Take a look at our subscription options. Therefore, it may be prudent to suggest administra- tion of rectal diazepam at the onset of KEY POINTS h The risk of developmental, behavioral, and academic disability in children with febrile seizures is no greater than in the general population.

Care- givers should be educated in the timing and technique of administering the med- ication as well as close monitoring after its use. Register with an access code If you have been provided an access code, you can register it here: The Consequences of Prolonged Febrile Seizures in Childhood FEBSTAT study, an ongoing multicenter prospective longitudinal study, is providing valuable insights into the subset of patients who develop febrile status epilepticus, the most life-threatening type of febrile seizures with potential long-term consequences.


The fever of febrile seizures is commonly due to self-limiting viral infections affecting ear, nose, and throat or respiratory or gastrointestinal systems, and the risk of CNS infection is low. Continuum Minneap Minn ;22 1: Human herpesvirus 6 and 7 in febrile status epilepticus: It is important to keep in mind that the majority of children with febrile seizures do not have a family history of them, and ge- netic testing is not routinely warranted.

Vast intrafamilial and interfamilial variation exists in the clinical course of genetic epilepsies, and genotype- phenotype characterization is complex and poorly understood.

BMJ Best Practice

Phe- nobarbital and valproate are touted to successfully reduce the recurrence of febrile seizures; however, they may not reduce the ultimate risk of devel- oping epilepsy. In addition, benzodiazepines can cause sedation, can interfere with hydra- tion and feeding, and may delay the recognition of a serious illness. Mutations febrik voltage-gated ion channels and neurotransmitter receptor genes have been shown to result in familial occurrence of febrile seizures and epilepsy.

Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited. For any urgent enquiries please contact our customer services team who are ready to help with any problems. Epilepsia ; 34 4: However, one should keep in mind that a subset of children with prolonged febrile seizures or febrile status epilepticus could develop long- term neurologic consequences.

Profilaxia intermitente na convulsão febril com diazepam via oral

A study concluded that once established, febrile status epilepticus rarely stops sponta- neously, and it is fairly resistant to anti- epileptic medications. IIVmedical history and intellectual ability at 5 years of age. The risk of seizure disorders among relatives of children with febrile convulsions. Febrile seizures show no clear sex predilection. If you have a Best Practice personal account, your own subscription or have registered for a free trial, log in here: Choose one of the access methods below or take a look at our subscribe or free trial options.


Earlier onset of effective treatment results in shorter total seizure duration.

Other pathophysiologic triggering factors, such as rate of rise of fever, peak body temperature during the illness, vac- cinations mainly diphtheria-pertussis- tetanus and measles-mumps-rubellalow birth weight and in utero growth retardation, respiratory alkalosis, and systemic release of proinflammatory cy- tokines have been reported. Genetics seem gebril play a major role in febrile seizures. Febrile convulsions in a national cohort followed up from birth.

A few studies have reported ben- efit from intermittent benzodiazepines during fever for preventing febrile sei- zures and reducing emergency depart- ment visits and hospital admissions. Most febrile seizures occur at or around the onset of fever. Guidelines for epidemiologic studies on epilepsy.

Dev Med Child Neurol ;39 6: