PETZL is a leading manufacturer of climbing and work-at-height equipment and The Tools and Techniques sport catalog is still available as a PDF. The catalog continues in this vein. The solutions shape has never changed, and is still sold in Petzl catalogs today, over forty years later. Fernand paid. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES Sharing expertise “My father, Fernand Petzl, was an artisan and explorer with a passion for caving. For him.

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Innovative, useful, safe tools, often designed above and beyond the requirements of existing gear.

But this learning is not everything. I can still hear the voices coming through the fog of my bewildered conscience: Petzl has introduced changes to practices and techniques that have allowed revolutions to take place in activities related to lighting and verticality – the two areas of expertise in the company.

Find a complete list of products and descriptions in the products section. Lowering off two pointsLowering with Prusik LafoucheDescend on a single bolt? Depending on the model of the headlamp, change in light output over time is controlled in two ways: Complete the anchor by attaching a long sling.

For example, an lux m t h twometers0h30 that of a full moon, or 0. It is expressed in minutes.

Petzl Sport Catalog En – [PDF Document]

Make a knot at the end of a sling and clip it into the carabiner. A dead-man anchor is used The principle is to use an object that provides sufficient resistance to the tension exerted on it.

It is the length of time during which lighting is greater than the light of a full 0,25 ULTRA in high petzk has a battery life of 3h15, meaning that after 3h15, the lighting of an ULTRA at moon 2 0. Stabilize the quickdraw carabiner and put the rope through it. A case in point: If none of these options is possible, how can you descend and clean the route with limited risk? This type of lighting is recommended for technical trails, cataogo you have catlaogo see far and quickly.


First of all, having several bags of 30 to 40kg, rather than one 80kg bag, is a good idea. The lead climber is stuck at a bolt in the middle of a pitch.

Place the quickdraw into the sling above the knot. Participants in other exposed activities, such as divers, have understood and implemented this concept for a long time.

In my twenty-five years of amateur mountaineering and climbing, never an accident, not even a close call. Arnaud ChildericLighting distanceLight quantity, received by a surface, diminishes as its distance from the light source increases.

Descend and clean the route.

The two DoubleBack buckles center the equipment loops in optimal position. With lateral pull, the rope can be damaged, or get caught between the swinging side plate and the sheave. However, with a simple partner check of equipment prior to climbing, it is easy to practically remove this type of risk. Tools that help them progress and commit in vertical or dark petxl.

Never put an anchor-end carabiner on the rope-end. Consequences of a broken bolt If the top bolt breaks, the climber will be held under the next quickdraw by the Prusik knot. It is the equivalent of petal horsepower of a car or motor. Use a figure eight knot to tie into the harness. Fourequipment loops wont limit this harness to short sport climbs. If there is ice, you will need an ice screw.


Very breathable for those long, hot days. It was neither the serac fall of the century, nor the collapse of the West Face of the Drus!

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl /pdf

It offers an advantage over standard batteries for frequent or intensive headlamp use. For technical trails, a power greater than lm is recommended. This way it is easy to open the bag without dropping it. Proper tie-in with tight knotBelayer check by climber: Shape of the beamFor the same light output, depending on the headlamp model, the flux can be uniformly distributed over a very wide area, or be concentrated catapogo a very narrow spot to have petzp much greater lighting distance.

Petzl Sport Catalog 2011 En

Any day, a seemingly innocent 20011 of events can lead to what many experts have sadly experienced. Because of the great stresses created during hauling, the hauling station should be triangulated and bomb-proof. The child removes the rope from the pigtails while progressing. It is impossible to empty your haul bag at each station to find an item forgotten at the bottom. In the detail, though, there are many aspects to consider in order to move quickly and surely: For many headlamp manufacturers, lighting distance indicates the distance to which the catallogo of light received on a surface is equivalent to the quantity of light of a full moon 0.

The easiest option is to be lowered on top-rope, leaving the quickdraws and asking someone to collect them later, or collecting them yourself after climbing a route next to cataalogo.