Transcript of Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition. Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition Author: Jessica Burkhart Characters. Sasha Silver continues her journey of boarding school drama and competitive horsemanship in book #12 of the Canterbrook Crest series. Sasha is one of four students who will be expelled if one does not confess to writing a malicious blog, as she prepares for a surprise birthday party for Heather .

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We learned more about her background and found out why she is like this. Lists with This Book.

The books were pretty good in the beginnning. This was one of my favorite books in the Sasha CC series. Best Enemies 05 in Canterwood Crest Series. Since when were there boarding schools dedicated to training kids to be olympic riders?

During her senior year of college, she signed up for National Novel Writing Month and took on the challenge of writing a 50, word novel in 30 days. Available for immediate download. I was delighted with all the romance and all the cuteness that happened. Jun 29, Rachel rated it it was ok Shelves: I love Canterwood Crest and I cried when I finished the last page!

I have been through all twelve ynfriendly of Sasha and it is so hard to let go of her The whole fight with Paige and how a new bff just happens to move in at the same time was a bit melodramatic, but it was still good. Thanks Jessica Burkhart for writing such an engaging series. Order now to secure your copy when our stock arrives. So they know it has to be one of them, right?


Burkhart finished off the series about her. I also became frustrated when the main character made decisions that made absolutely no sense.

Unfriendly Competition by Jessica Burkhart

The library didn’t get any of the new books until maybe this winter? I still pick them up, e meh So in conclusion, I didn’t enjoy this series. Seeing Julia be the “bad” blogger was really interesting. I will stick to what I think and what I kept in mind: I have followed her and her friends through all of their drama since book 1.

Connor riding instructor had a bad accident with his horse that was a big scare to the riding community. She ends up getting competitiion new friend. But really, this is a clean book.

Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition by Kennedy Roberts on Prezi

I an going to miss charm and Sasha so much! Aug 18, Meghan rated it it was ok Shelves: This series just makes me happy and a little silly. So two compeyition from me. An agent read the manuscript on her blog, she signed with him, and shortly afterwards she had a four-book deal. Julia because of her whole attitude in the last few books, her reaction to stuff.

The author tries to make it seem like the girls are having a hard time because there’s a bunch of catty girls lingering around. Jun 28, Milana Waller rated it it was amazing.

Where do I start? At first I really enjoyed it, but then it became unrealistic and melodramatic. Other books competitoin the series. I was really dying to know who did it though, I even considered reading on at night, but decided against it because I was dead tired after a stressful week. It could have been wrapped up a little better in the end with Paige and Callie, and Eric too but not a total cliff hanger or anything.


Unfriendly Competition

It could have been made better if it was more of a normal high-school life story, minus the rich girls and excessive drama. View Product Add To Basket. Hope you enjoy this book as much coompetition I did. These characters are 15 to 17 years old. Oct 18, Danielle rated it really liked it. Heather forced her to turn her self in and that was the end of Julia and Canterwood Crest.

This book was exciting! During school one day her group of friends and her were called to the office and told that one of the girls had been postings mean things about people as anonymous on a blog, and that if whoever it was didn’t confess all of the group of girls would be expelled.

Sasha and her dates, Jacob, had a great time. I’ve been slowly picking up one or two here and there to make them last. Expected to ship in 7 to 8 weeks from Australia. I think that anyone who really has a passion for horses and likes drama would really enjoy this book! Behind the Bit 03 in Canterwood Crest Series.