BSIM4, as the extension of BSIM3 model, addresses the MOSFET physical Capital and italic alphanumericals in this manual are model. Modeling Package to measure and extract BSIM4 model parameters. This part of the manual provides some background information to make necessary. The model parameters of the BSIM4 model can be divided into several groups. For more details about these operation modes, refer to the BSIM4 manual [1].

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The other is the holistic model. AbulkVF y VF y stands for the quasi-Fermi potential at any given point y along the channel with respect to the source. Second-order mobility degradation coefficient.

Isub affects the drain current in two ways. Source-side diode The source-side saturation current is given by SC ref SC ref This expression is valid msnual the subthreshold regime to the strong inversion regime BSIM4.

SPICE Model Parameters for BSIM

The main model parameters are used to model the key physical effects in the DC and CV behavior of submicron MOS devices at room temperature. Second coefficient of narrow-width effect on VTH for small channel length. Define mobility relative change due to stress effect as: Charge deficit NQS sub-circuit for transient analysis.


We use a single equation for both regions by using such smoothing parameters as Vgs,overlap and Vgd,overlap for the source and drain side, respectively. TNOM ] The temperature dependences of the built-in potentials on the drain side are modeled by It is just a parameter used in the I-V formulation. Coefficient of bias-dependent overlap capacitance on source side.

Scaling prefactor for Maanual. The tunneling carriers can be either electrons or holes, or both, either from the conduction band or valence band, depending on the type of the gate and the bias regime. Ai I ds Vds? BSIM4 offers a flexible built-in substrate resistance network.

Rout Vgs, Vds Ids vs. The effective gate voltage can be calculated in the following manner. Abulk for the capacitance model is modeled by 7.

Coefficient of width dependence for CV channel length offset. The variable fexp stands for the experimental data.

BSIM 4.1.0 MOSFET Model-User’s Manual

Weidong Liu, Synopsys Dr. In BSIM4, the function form of 2. To model SCE, we use 2.


Bottom junction capacitance per unit area at zero bias. Power of length dependence for width offset.

The model parameters of the BSIM4 model can be divided into several groups. Abulk is formulated by 5. Pi m are smaller than a pre-determined value. Only the bias- independent outer fringing capacitance CF is modeled.

This is especially true for the drain side where the effect of the capacitance is amplified by the transistor gain. This selector will be discussed in detail in Chapter 8.

The gate charge is comprised of mirror charges from these components: First-order body effect coefficient.