Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Bronislaw Malinowski’s pathbreaking Argonauts of the Western Pacific is at once a detailed account of exchange in the Melanesian islands and a manifesto of a. Argonauts of the Western Pacific has ratings and 23 reviews. Jenny ( Reading Envy) said: This was a cornerstone of my Readings in Ethnography course.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Its association with all the vital activities and with the unaccountable aspects of reality. XI — The kayga’u spells.

It ought to show some advance in method; it ought to push research beyond its previous limits in depth, in width, or in both; malinpwski, it ought to endeavour to present its results in a manner exact, but not dry.

Argonauts Of The Western Pacific

I — Sailing under the lee of Koytabu. There is no chieftainship, authority being exercised by the elders in each community. This exactly describes my first initiation into field work on the south coast of New Guinea. This, however, has been studied minutely. The Kula in Dobu — technicalities of the exchange. It seemed as if the Eastern people must be much more complex, in one direction towards the cruel, man-eating savage, in the other towards the finely-gifted, poetical lord of primitive forest and seas, when I compared them with the relatively coarse and dull native of Mailu.

Giving, as satisfaction of vanity and as display of power. Zrgonauts, to whom this book is dedicated. To summarise the first, cardinal point of method, I may say each phenomenon ought to be studied through the broadest range possible of its concrete manifestations; each studied by an exhaustive survey of detailed examples.

Those highly interested in Kula exchange. The whole account of the Kula will therefore naturally be given from the perspective, so to speak, of the Trobriand district.

No more need be argonautw on this subject here, as later on a whole chapter Chapter XVIII is devoted to it, and to its exemplification by several native texts.

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Lists with This Book. The decay of his power. A genealogy is nothing else but a synoptic chart of a number of connected relations of kinship. For though at present, there is still a large number of native communities available wfstern scientific study, within a generation or two, they or their cultures will have practically disappeared.

In short, magic is believed to be an absolutely essential adjunct of every industrial undertaking, being just as requisite for its success as the mechanical operations involved in it, such as the caulking, painting and launching of a canoe, the planting of a garden, and the setting of a fish-trap.

In each culture, we find different institutions in which man pursues his life-interest, different customs by which he satisfies his aspirations, different codes of law and morality which reward his virtues or punish his defections.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronislaw Malinowski – Free Ebook

Here were men who had lived for years in the place with constant opportunities of observing the natives and communicating with them, and who yet hardly knew one thing about them really well.

Their fat, broad faces, their squashed noses, and frequently oblique eyes, make them appear quaint and grotesque rather than impressively savage. Indeed, the object of scientific training is to provide the empirical investigator with a mental chartin accordance with which he can take his bearings and lay his course. But before proceeding with our subject, it will be good to give a short but more detailed sketch of each of these tribes.

The men examined in Omarakana. My observations, such as they are, will deal partly with the writer’s method and partly with the matter of his book. So, the third commandment of field-work runs: Feb 10, Theresa Malloy rated it liked it Shelves: I — Sailing, and trading in the South Seas; the Kula. Of his theoretical training he had given proof in his learned and thoughtful treatise on the family among the aborigines of Australia [1] ; of his practical experience he had produced no less satisfactory evidence in his account of the natives of Mailu in New Guinea [2]based on a residence of six months among them.

Besides the firm outline of tribal constitution and crystallised cultural items which form the skeleton, besides the data of daily life and ordinary behaviour, which are, so to speak, its flesh and blood, there is still to be recorded the spirit — the natives’ views and opinions and utterances. Nicholas Smith rated it really liked it Apr 02, As I went on my morning walk through the village, I could see intimate details of family life, of toilet, cooking, taking of meals; I could see the arrangements for the day’s work, people starting on their errands, or groups of men and women busy at some manufacturing tasks see Plate III.


Payments for magical services. VIII — The end parts dogina of these spells.

File:Malinowski Bronislaw Argonauts of the Western Pacific pdf – Monoskop

Sir James Frazer, by writing his Preface, has enhanced the value of maliniwski volume beyond its merit and it is not only a great honour and advantage for me to be introduced by him, but also a special pleasure, for my first love for ethnology is associated with the reading of the Golden Brnislawthen in its second edition.

Magic and spells of Kaygau obtained. I have of course also ready the Golden Bough by James Frazer who rights a glowing introduction that is included in the edition of the Argonauts that I read. While Malinowski clearly perceives that the Kula expeditions are a component of the magic practices of the Islanders, he nonetheless remains vague as to what the exact role of the Kula expeditions are in the magical mailnowski of the Trobrianders.

Malinowski, may very well be right in surmising that it is probably a type of institution of which analogous, if not precisely similar, instances will hereafter be brought to light by further research among savage and barbarous peoples. First impression of the native.

In this respect, magic is exactly on the same footing with the sciences, of which it is the bastard sister. A most remarkable form of intertribal trade is that obtaining between the Motu of Port Moresby and the malibowski of the Papuan Gulf. But if the specialised field-worker can adopt the conditions of living described above, he is in a far better position to be really in touch with the natives than any other white resident.

Some natives flock round you, especially ths they smell arglnauts.