See Assembling Bodies. See Boolean Operations Sub-toolbar below. Union Trim See Trimming Bodies. Remove Lump See Keeping and Removing Faces. When performing a Boolean operation, whatever the operation type you perform ( Add, Assemble, Intersect etc.), the second body you select -referred to as. I am not a fan of Boolean operations but I am planning of taking CATIA v5 Certification Exams, and Boolean Operations are a part of the exam.

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And the last one is Intersect it is use when you want to remove or save the intersecting part and remaining not want.

December 28th, This block should penetrate the block which created under part body. We can use this option to create T joint for pipes. A big block of material goes into the first partbody; the cavity side is boolean removed; and the core side is boolean removed. I also like to use individual partbodies when I do patterns of features using the ‘current solid’ option.

Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. But we are going to focus only on three basic Boolean operations mentioned earlier. When you using operationss command I suggest please select operayions faces to remove or faces to keep, that is enough.

how to use boolean operations in catia | GrabCAD Questions

December 27th, Remove lump This option is used within a body to remove unwanted lump in the body. What is polarity of the body? To solve the problem, you will make a colosed surface, round edges and then you cut the solid with this surface.


The node then reflects the new display.

how to use boolean operations in catia

Union Trim Using this option we can remove unwanted material from both the bodies. What is Boolean operation? Upvote 2 Upvoted 3. But, like Derek said, the ability to organize the part model into multiple partbodies is valuable, and booleans can then be used to “assemble” the partbodies. Bheemu Gadyal November 17, at 5: I guess you projected the front edge which is shorter with the corner fillets.

Hi, Boolean – The name sound familiar. There two different components.

Double click on the sketch of the top profile and enter the sketcher. Please sign in or create an account to continue. The best way to make them was to make the “legs” first, in their own part body, shell them, and then join them before putting radii on the whole thing.

Boolean Operations in CATIA

Here we can use this option even in part body also. Alternative to remove lump is “Remove face” in part design workbench. And select part 2 plate in From: Operating bodies remain at their initial locations in the trees if: To change the closing point, right click on closing operationns. Now come to boolean Operation, It is used to add combinesubract remove or intersect the object.

Are you an Engineering professional? Select part 1 in Remove: There are many shapes that can be modeled with or without Boolean Operation so my question would be when to use Boolean Operation and when not to? However, they do provide an additional capability for special situations such as molded and cast parts as Zakir stated earlier.


A Boolean operation is similar to what is taught in Math, in fact this principle is borrowed from vv5 principle. In Catia you can insert “N” number of Bodies, Body2, body3, body4, Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

In Pro sometimes you cannot create a readius into a small cavity because there is not enough material.

We can say boolean is a manufacturing approach. Booleans are also useful in reducing rebuild times for complex parts. When performing a non-mixed Boolean operation, the application can display the specification trees in two different ways:. Is it possible to change the polarity of the body? Can you locate a Position of hole on Circular body Using Hole command? That means you must use every time when you are designing.

Add In add option irrespective of polarity of the bodies it will remove only intersected material between two bodies. JPG but adding a pad to a “-” body gives us something different even though we used Pads on both: It will remove first selected body and where it is intersected with the second body.