Just got a Bolex P1 standard 8mm w/Pan-Cinor zoom. Looks to be in good shape . However, I’m lacking a manual and wondering how you turn. We provide free online pdf manuals for camcorders, action cams, dashcams and Bolex Paillard Stereo Movies Series Zoom Reflex P1 – Instruction Manual. SETUP The Bolex P1 is easy to use. First, load the film. See the Bolex manual for the exact procedure. It’s pretty simple – you can do it in.

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Learn more – opens in new window or tab. The cameras improved over time and became very popular in both the USA and Manuall. Check or ask about the lens or lens s included. The original Bolex P1 manual. Push lock toward center of ASA dial to lock dial. Is there a book or video that I can buy to show me how to overhaul an 8mm Bolex camera?

Bolex ZOOM REFLEX P1 Manuals

If it has Switar lens’ – it’s worth more. Bolsx and processing and digital transfer services make the Bolex 8mm series a great way to discover filmmaking with real film camera and at affordable costs. The leaking cell will corrode after time years of storage and the wiring in the light meter will be damaged.


Camera is already wound so you just bolfx the run button on the Declic handle or button on the bottom of the shutter housing, to film. I love the graphics in this! Your on the second half of the reel now. Also, you can email the seller and ask if the camera has been recently used to shoot film or if it has been serviced.

Then use the reverse order to reassemble the camera. Ask if anything’s missing. They are “D” mount. With less torque from the damaged spring, the motor runs slower, erratically or not at all. The lower spindle “over-riding clutch” is most likely mnual or sticky. Recheck the diopter as necessary. Visit eBay’s page on international selling.

Back to home page Return to top. Make sure you keep the camera vertical. Watch yourself when buying the P3 model.

Original Paillard Bolex P1 Vintage Cine Movie Camera Manual Instruction Book

Cover the lens with the dust cover. Would this make your collection complete? The batteries originally used were mercury cells. Seller does not offer returns. Things that slip out of place before you can close the shutter assembly. Ask some direct questions. A great number manuap the cameras selling today on eBay are said to be from ‘estate sales’. Be sure to re-align the index pin and the dial correctly. Always get a written estimate before repairs and a written warranty for finished repairs.


Ask if it has a warranty or guarantee policy.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Back to home page Return to top. Back to home page Return to top. If this is you first camera, expect to damage it while teaching yourself. Oh, and the winding assembly will still wind “crunchy”.

BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX P1 Instruction Manual

Sell one like this. And those cameras most likely need a service before shooting film. Most of the parts inside the camera are either oiled or greased.

The motor is overwound.