The Cancer Cure That Worked! Book review. by Barry Lynes. I was challenged by a supporter of medical quackery to read this book as it was sure to convince. A detailed account of Rife’s inventions and discoveries is the subject of The Cancer Cure That Worked. This startling book documents events from to the . THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED. THE RIFE “Barry Lynes is one of the greatest investigative health reporters in our country. With the assistance of John .

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He did this with his frequency instruments- over and over again. When he switched to a treatment of 3 minutes every 3rd day, the patients began heal- ing swiftly.

The Hygienic Laboratory was reorganized into the National Institutes of Health inbut in it was in the process of moving into its abrry location outside Washington, D. Johnson explained the process: Rhoads who arranged for the fiasds for Dr.

Years later, after the arri- val of television, an associate of the then deceased Rife would explain, “The viruses were stained with the frequency of light just like colors are tuned in on television sets.

What passed through “bacteria-proof filters was something else: This was the first and most fundamental technical strike against understanding Rife’s microscope and biological discoveries. After 3 months, 14 of these so called hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by the staff of five medical doctors and Dr Alvin G.


Objective scientific evaluation by government laboratories was prevented. When the official publication of the Curs Medical Association, California and Western Medicine, published the incredible news in Decemberand Dr.

She then also admitted that her tests really weren’t necessary once the research grant was bestowed. The article explained, “This is a new kind of mag- nifier, and the laws governing microscopes may not apply to it.

The Cancer Cure That Worked – Fifty Years of Suppression!

Its various phases may resemble vir- uses, micrococci, diptheroids, bacilli, and fungi. King’s Woorked requested approvial by the AMA for its product. Try as they might. Two weeks before the first newspaper article, the stock market had crashed. Rife’s history-making, miraculous, genius-level breakthroughs? Still, new researchers continued to appear on the scene.

In MayJohnson also began looking for a location in Los Angeles for a new clinic. Thomas Rivers and Hans Zinsser stopped the scientific process. He happened to test a tube of cancer culture within the circle of a tubular ring filled with argon gas activated by an electrical current, which he csncer been using in experimenting with elec- tronic bombardment of organisms of disease.

Then, inthe New Jersey group presented its findings to the New York Academy of Sciences and requests for cuer poured in frooi around the country. In May he wrote Rife and asked him to visit Tom Knight, the patient whose healing barrg so impressed Arthur Kendall and whose tumor Kendall had measured so carefully.

The aide lynex across the table and authoritatively said, ” It then can be changed back to the microscopic or non-filterable form. He happened to test a tube of cancer culture within the circle of a tubular ring filled with argon gas activated by an electrical current, which he had been using in experimenting with electronic bombardment of organisms of disease.


From tosome 20, pathological tissues were lynse and stained. They recognized that the Frequency Instrument would have to be improved. Crane, bom inworked tne Rife’s side from until Rife’s death in Probably the guy who knew the most was Royal Raymond Rife. Meyer was another non-hero when the AMA and government pressure was imposed. Milbank Johnson in honor of Dr.

Viruses range in size from 10 millimicrons 10 thousandths of a micron to millimicrons thousandths of a micron.

The Website of Barry Lynes

I feel quite sure that Dr. In this report were recorded the more important observations made during three days, July 5, 6 and 7, in Dr. Why that was one of the most ridiculous things in the canced. American Buddhist Journal In self defense, Wilhelm Reich, who could see with his microscope what others could not, said a good microscopist must learn to resonate with the specimen.

His name was Royal Raymond Rife. The National Institutes of Health were a small operation then!

Mildred Schram, Secretary of the Foundation, arrived at the end of Julybut it was a hurried visit because of tye other West Coast commitments.