Mit dem Telekom Auslandstarif Telekom Country Flatrate II telefonieren Sie in 25 internationale Länder zum Festpreis / Infos über Telekom Countryflatrate 2. Die Deutsche Telekom offeriert mit der CountryFlat 1 eine Telefon-Flatrate, mit Wir haben uns die Auslandstarife der Handyanbieter angeschaut und stellen. Tarife für USA (Mobilfunk): Telefonieren Sie günstig auf ein Handy in USA ( Mobilfunk) (Call by Call, Callthrough).

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Dass nicht alle Anbieter eine Tarifansage haben. Allerdings unterliegen alle Anrufe den Richtlinien zur fairen Nutzung von Skype.

Escalate it to a supervisor and threaten to complain to the Bundesnetzagentur. Die CountryFlat 1 hat eine Mindestlaufzeit von einen Monat. Bei einer Mindestlaufzeit von einem Monat ist die Telefon-Flatrate flexibel zubuchbar und wieder abbestellbar, allerdings braucht es einen Telefonanschluss von Unitymedia.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. They have destinations all over the world You can even add the sipgate log in data to a mobile app and get calls when you aint home. I’m not too thrilled by Magenta L Zu Hause technology. It is up to the Bundesnetzagentur to rule on any discontinuation of this requirement, and they have not yet done so. It has to do with some contractual agreements with Congstar which Telekom has not made and probably won’t.


Das Abo-Paket deckt Telefonate ins Festnetz ab. You could also get the latest Fritz fone and set up your NZ folks with a Sipgate number Any company but Deutsche Telekom, which is legally required to provide access to call-by-call and preselection services. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Apparently, it is, in fact, technically possible. Allerdings muss man DSL-Kunde von congstar sein. Alle weiteren Infos zur Flat International 1 gibt es bei congstar. I’ll look into it.

Telekom Country Flatrate II / Telekom Countryflatrate 2 in 25 Länder

Register a new account. Teilnehmende Anbieter Verivox-Richtlinien zum Verbraucherschutz.

Was ist Call by Call? You could take the Country flatrate at 3. But I’m not sure that applies to onemark’s case Darmstadt is generally Telekom countryand the information is pretty old anyway.

Since almost all new contracts with ANY company will procure you a “Voip” based Telephony solution, You are unlikely to get any “Call by call” discounts.

Mobilfunk für Geschäftskunden

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted 10 Apr Magenta still allows Call by Call as far as I know. I also confirmed this on “Teltarif.


Sign in Already have an account? Die Flat International 1 kann monatlich hinzugebucht und wieder abbestellt werden, so dass man flexibel bleibt. That’s what the teltarif article says.

Telekom Country Flat II

Sipgate to sipgate is free as far as I know But you need credit on your account! Sign up for a new account in our community. Call by Call Tarife Ratgeber: Sorry, but they don’t. If you’re sure you’re with Deutsche Telekom, don’t take no for an answer. If your contract teelekom with Deutsche Telekom, they are legally required – as the former monopoly incumbent – to give you access to call-by-call and preselection.

Anrufe ins deutsche Fest- und Mobilfunknetz sind mit der sipgate Europa-Flat Plus ebenfalls kostenlos. No other company is the former monopoly, so they are not required to provide call-by-call and therefore do not.

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Weitere Tarifdetails entnehmen Sie bitte der Homepage des Anbieters. Started by SpiderPig8 Mar Aktuelle Tarifinformationen finden Sie auf der Homepage von Unitymedia.

I asked and they said it is “technically impossible”.