Ashen Winter (Ashfall, book 2) by Mike Mullin – book cover, description, publication history. Written by Mike Mullin, narrated by Mike Mullin. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Almost a year after the Yellowstone eruption in Ashfall (), Alex and Darla are drawn back to dangerous Illinois, which has only grown.

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Have you read Ashfall, yet? In Ashfall, Alex was still learning to be something other than a protected and pampered boy. So much is going on. The Dead and The Gone. That struck me as realistic; no one would really be spared mmullin the apocalypse and Mullin shows this accurately. I was on edge, longing to shout at Alex to shut up and listen to his woman.

Yet, these are small qualms to have with such a brilliantly written novel and winer I frowned upon them, I still managed to enjoy this novel despite it. I can’t help it, I just don’t get into action heavy writing.

You cannot do stupid shit all the time and expect it to work out! Eyes on You by Steven Jenkins. The societal breakdown and the winfer This is the best second book in a trilogy I’ve ever read.

Despair is the opposite of hope. You don’t want to know. If you wanted more action in the first book, this story might be more to your liking.

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Which brings me to one of my more recent King disappointments it does happen. As usual, Darla continues to be the brains behind the operation and her story is the most poignant and one that I continue to eagerly anticipate.

When a small flenser gang—cannibals—attack the farm, they drop the shotgun that Alex’s uncle gave Alex’s parents before they ventured into Illinois looking for their son. Ashen Winter may feature cannibals and sex slaves but it still felt ultimately “childish” to me. Definitely looking forward to the conclusion of this series sometime in There are some answers that you get and some others that are being raised and it’s a matter of time until things get settled down and maybe our beloved characters will have their well-deserved happy ending.


Picking up 6 months after Ashfall’s ending, we are thrown into a deep desolation; the dark, cold aftermath of a Supervolcano eruption. Plus, you’re already invested in the characters.

Ashen Winter (Ashfall, #2) by Mike Mullin

Mullin doesn’t sugar coat it either. Something or someone smacks them back down. I love the man, okay?

There are no special cases, or magical finding-of-the-one-thing-that-will-make-me-live, no, it’s all very hard and impossible and draining. I love Darlex Hehe, that’s so Dr.

Darla is still MacGyver and smarter than almost everyone, and Alex is still making stupid decisions left right and center, all while making you fall for him.

She’s the perfect counterbalance for Alex’s soft-hearted nature. Sometimes I black out It’s rare that I give two books in a series 5 stars right in a row – this is one of those rare cases. After a false start and a disastrous run-in with their old enemies, FEMA military contractors Black Lake, the story picks up with an even more catastrophic run-in with well-organized cannibals. The apocalypse is incredibly realistic and well thought-through; I always felt like this is what would really happen if there was an apocalypse.

It is a bleak world with people taking extraordinary and often disgusting measures in order to survive. View all 29 comments. I like that this one held up the uglier side of both people and humanity at it’s worse, but it also left Alex with hope – that they could make something better. I especially loved the autistic character. It’s really tiring to read. Anything to get more of Darla wunter Alex. Never in a million years would I be able to come up with some of the ideas they do so if I had to survive through a volcanic winter I would definitely want to do it with this group, not the Flensers winher course: Sure, if it even erupts at all, it probably wouldn’t happen for decades–or maybe it will.


It’s gory, it’s raw, it’s violent to no end; it made me squirm and grimace. Mullin is clearly an intelligent person, and I’m more than thankful that it comes through in the novel.


Unfortunately, we get less of Darla this time out after Alex makes yet another horrific mistake and is forced into rescuing her. Thank you so so so so so so so much to the publisher and author of this book for helping me achieve my dream of attending BEA and mullin bags and mullim of free books including this one!

Thankfully, it managed to subvert my expectations. It’s the end of the world, ladies and gentleman, get ready for it!

Ashen Winter Audiobook | Mike Mullin |

It’s sad, it’s terrifying, but it’s true even on its darkest. Badass Book Reviews discusses our thoughts on Ashen Miie here. Even Katniss looks weak in comparison to her. Be the first to discover new talent! Well, I’m going to summarize it as not to spoil you. Their strength makes me feel incompetent!