Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Arrian’s Anabasis of Alexander in seven books is the best account we have of Alexander’s adult life. Indica, a description of India and of Nearchus’s voyage. Links to translation of Arrian: Anabasis, by E. Iliff Robson.

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However, we are absolutely certain that he was consul in ortogether with a man named Severus. The Army Recruited from the Persians. Navigation of the Tigres.

Arrian, Anabasis of Alexander, Volume I: Books | Loeb Classical Library

He therefore resolved to ‘ A city at the foot of Mount Ida. The Oasis of Ammon V. The Attic writers adopted this method of determining dates. Maybe this work remained unfinished. Alexander marches to Miletus and Occupies the Island of Lade. They also led SyrphaXj and his son Pelagon, and the sons of Syrphax’s brothers out of the temple and stoned them to death.

Spitamenes destroys a Macedonian Detachment VI. Thence arriqn by the city of Colonae, he arrived anzbasis Hermotus. Dispute between Callisthenes and Anaxarchus.

After the king’s death he obtained the rule of Caria, but joining the party of Ptolemy and Gassander, he was defeated by Antigonus, b. Defeat of the Persians and Pursuit of Darius. I Life and Writings of Arrian.

A complete index of Proper Names has been added, and the quantities of the vowels marked for the aid of the English Reader. Description of the Battle of the Oraidcus. They carried off as many of their women and children as their horses could carry, and betook themselves into the steppes, in a direction which led as far as possible from the river. Usually, the next step was the quaestorshipwhich was held at the age of twenty-five when one had a very powerful patron, and the aedileshiptwo years later.


This army consisted of 3, Macedonian foot-soldiers and horse-soldiers, Thessalian cavalry, and Eleans under the command of Alcias the Elean. Plutarch Life of Alex. Defeat and Plight of Darius.

Sometimes, he condemns aspects of the conqueror’s behavior, but as a whole, he is positive about Alexander’s achievements. Alexander and Porus at the Hydaspes. Sieges of Massaga and Ora.

Campaign against the Malhans xii Contents. Advance beyond the Hydraotes. Alexander published an edict that no one should paint his portrait but Apelles, and that no one should make a statue of him but Lysippus.

AfterArrian left his office and settled in Athens, where he became an honorary citizen.

Those who had made the sally from the city were driven back, and again shut up within the gates by the Macedonians. Syrmus himself likewise, accompanied by his train, had fled for refuge to the same place. It seems to me that Ptolemy and Aristobulus are the most trustworthy writers on Alexander’s conquests, because the latter shared Alexander’s campaigns, and the former -Ptolemy- in addition to this advantage, was himself a king, and it is more disgraceful for a king to tell lies than for anybody else.

The Anabasis of Alexander

Another indication is that perhaps already as a young man, Arrian held the priesthood of Demeter and Kore, the most important in Nicomedia. On this occasion the Termissians had come out in a body, and were occupying both the mountains; seeing which, Alexander ordered the Macedonians to encamp there, armed as they were, imagining that the Termissians would not remain in a body when they saw theni bivouacking, but that most of them would withdraw into their city, which was near, leaving upon the mountains 74 The Anahasis of Alexander.


A work on Tactics, composed a. Maybe excavations in Izmit will one day give more information on this subject. March through the Caspian Gates. Eurybotas the Cretan, the captain of the archers, fell with about seventy of his men ; but the rest fled to the Macedonian guard and the royal shield-bearing troops. If Arrian had not taken part in Hadrian’s mopping-up operations after the ansbasis of Dacia, it is possible that he took part arrlan Trajan’s campaign against the Parthian empirewhich Arrian commemorated in a long history.

Defeat of the Persians and Pursuit of Darius. Death op Philip and Accession of Alexandbe. Alexander therefote was seized with convulsions, accompanied with high fever and continuous sleeplessness.

He may have become praetor in the early s and was very probably proconsul governor of Andalusia c.