Piedras Verdes en la Casa de la Noche and Green Stones in the House of Night are Spanish and English versions of the same poetry film by. A glimpse from the gutter: three poems by Alejandra Pizarnik poems from Pizarnik’s Árbol de Diana, Green Stones in the House of Night. Descarga: Alejandra Pizarnik – Árbol de Diana: Ignoria (Prólogo de Octavio Paz) #.

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Veo crecer hasta mis ojos figuras de silencio y desesperadas. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


She also sang in the old tavern by the pier. Death has refunded silence its spellbinding prestige. My response piece and review, in full: Only you can turn my memory into a fascinated traveler, a relentless fire.

This book is so dear to me. Thanks for telling us about the problem. A year out from her seconal pozarnik, Pizarnik cuts all the bullshit, as though asking, ‘You want the show?

And it was in the tavern by the pier where she sang her song. To ask other readers questions about Extracting the Stone of Madnessplease sign up.

A hand untangles the darkness, a hand drags the hair of a drowned woman that never stops going through the mirror. The pleasure of doana yourself in the image foreseen. Copio fragmento largo y bello de The dream of death, or the site of the poetical bodies: To return to the memory of the body, I have to return to my mourning bones, I have to understand what my voice is saying.


Death is a word. She died from an ostensibly self-administered overdose dian barbiturates on 25 September An utterly harrowing read.

The footage somehow made me think of these Pizarnik poems, which it seemed to me might form a unity with it. But I suspect the same could be done with a single, longer poem if the languages were to alternate stanza by stanza.

Extracting the Stone of Madness: Las angustias se intensifican en sintaxis rotas como ocurre en el final de Figuras y silencios: While I mostly wandered lost in alejanera I can think that maybe it is only death. A few words scribbled on a slate that same month, reiterating her desire to go nowhere “but to the bottom,” sum up her lifelong aspiration as a human being and as a writer.

Apr 05, Dorotea rated it it was amazing. The effect is like a mirror facing another, its subject matter caught in between — the mise en abyme of the internal landscape, reflections unfolding into the infinite. I think it works—if it works—because the poems are short, and because each relates to the video imagery in a different way. The personal becomes the core of all things, as it often is, and Pizarnik acknowledges the division of selves that occur in the search for a language big enough to do what she needed it to.


Alejandra Pizarnik – Arbol de Diana | pinter | Pinterest | Buenos Aires

Here I am, calling to myself with your voice. Alejandra writes the poem that is underneath the language of the poem. Then I called on my friend Jean Morris for help in the voiceover, and drew on her superior understanding of Spanish to help polish my translations.

Jun 13, John Madera rated it it was amazing. However, without her constant suffering and darkness then one would argue that her poetry wouldn’t be as amazing and breathtaking as it is. My final word was I, but by this I meant the luminous dawn.

If the soul should ask you if that is far from here, you should say, On the other side of the river, not this one, but the one over there. She walked away singing and looked like an old beggar, and the children pelted her with stones.