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Individual and team training is essential to the mission performance of the SRT in responding to crises. Personnel selected for full-time protective service duties must successfully complete the U.

AR —4 Use of Contingency Limitation. A dialogue between authorities and offenders which has as the ultimate goal the safe release of hostages and surrender of the offenders. Cited in paras 3—3 and 5—1. Installation commanders will maintain an SRT capable of responding to a terrorist incident or other disruption on the installation within 2 hours or less from qr time of notification.

Attempt to establish multiple observation points from which to view the location, behavior, and movements of the. At —67 Personnel Security Program.

Full-time protective service team. Full-time protective service a.

Agree to arrange a meeting with media personnel if the abductor insists and if the meeting may cause the. FM 19—30 Physical Security.


The Army Weight Control Program. Evaluations will include an alert assembly, issue of equipment, an operational briefing, a practical exercise, and a debriefing.


It does not contain internal control provisions. Negotiation means the willingness to establish dialogue for arriving at a settlement; it does not imply yielding to. Conduct advance coordination with the host country or with Federal and State officials in the event the jurisdiction of the incident changes.

1900-58 Clear the entire line of fire completely around and outside the hostage incident. This responsibility may be delegated to installation commanders. Impact on New Manning System.

AR Personal Security

All rounds will be fired from a cold and fouled bore. Cited in paras 4—3 and 5—3. References Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

Unless authorized by statute or international agreement, soldiers performing personal protective services off military installations will not wear uniform accoutrements that project law enforcement authority. Cited in paras zr c and 4—3.

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This will include maintenance of a control log and monthly physical inventories of credentials. Some training and exercises should be conducted in conjunction with SRT exercises since both the hostage management teams and SRTs are principal members of the threat management force.

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The individual for whom protection is provided. MACOM commanders assigned the responsibility for designated geographical areas will provide for the personal. This regulation establishes policies and responsibilities for personal security during combatting terrorism and other major disruptions on military installations. Personnel will be wr trained and qualified quarterly with all the weapons they carry. Chapter 2 Protective Services 2—1.

Use of non-Government issued weapons for protective service missions will be determined by 190–58 applicable MACOM commander responsible for the mission. Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing. Use of Contingency Limitation. Visiting protective service personnel accompanying high risk persons will ensure coordination of their protective 109-58 mission and operations with the MACOM exercising geographical area of responsibility. Do not permit 19058 to enter the barricaded area. Cited in paras 3—5 and 4—3.