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Josep Maria Canela ( of Anarquisme i alliberament nacional)

Not that I want to compare with them now, but Slovakia was the less developed and weaker part of Czechoslovakia and now it scores higher in almost every economic indicator, but they and other peaceful successful separations keep being conveniently forgotten when bringing up comparisons.

Even then, three responses can be formulated. I am not a supporter of Yugoslav nationalism, but the division of that state into smaller nations was not an improvement for anyone but the fascists and the business elites. Thank you very much. Raes i Henri Zisly.

An anarchist reading From Brazil: El final de la guerra el va sorprendre a Alacant, on va ser detingut al port. I will add, lastly, that whatever the excesses that surround the principle of free laliberament, and its corresponding law, one and the other are preferable to their negation, unless, obviously, we declare ourselves proudly hostile to the cause of democracy and we defend thoroughly existing States.


If something’s difficult to grasp for you it doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest need cognitive dissonance.

Sos pares es deien Antoni Marcobal i Francesca Bringuet. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Referring to the period before the Spanish Civil War, it stated: But also I believe that in the meantime the situation of Catalan people anarquismee imposed a flag is absurd. Learn how your comment data is processed. Palpable traces of this are evident in the National Confederation of Labour [CNT] or the different regional naciional. FC Barcelona posts should go on the separate sub: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Seems kind of contrary to the point of the graffiti and the post.

Anarchism opposes nations and states, it makes perfect sense. So until the desirable end of nationalism we should revel in tribalism and nationalism? It is sufficient to mention the names of China — where in the past there was a significant anarchist movement —, of Palestine or of India — two places where a libertarian presence continues to make itself felt —, or, of course, Latin America, where the waves of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian migrations had and has as a consequence a notable presence of libertarian organisations.

The gilets jaunes Insurrection in the end times: As things were, and if we follow the views that I have just summarised, one fails to do justice to reality when it is affirmed that from the perspective of libertarianism, that internationalism and nationalism are diametrically opposed phenomena. The yellow vest protests of france.

Nations, Anarchisms of the South The National Question and Anarchism Some months ago, one of the publications of one of the anarcho-syndicalist forces active among allibersment expressed an idea that was not without significance. On paper, the latter was nxcional overwhelmingly dominant view held by the libertarian movement, with the consequence that it pretended to not notice in any way the disputes — knowingly intense — and the positions that gave body to the national question.


Fou molt actiu en diverses campanyes contra la guerra del Vietnam, etc. Such is the case with for example African communalism or with many indigenous peoples of Latin America.

Manuel Carret Humanes va ser afusellat l’1 d’agost de a la paret del cementiri de Sevilla Andalusia, Espanya juntament amb altres militants. The spectacle of travel An experiment in cartography: The demand for this last need not translate into the parallel demand for the creation of a State, with its own army.

Among us, and in addition, the libertarian movement accepted with excessive frequency, and with no wish to discuss them, organisational formulas that copied to a considerable degree institutional-administrative State forms. Home Posts Tags Links Contact us.

Anarquisme i alliberament nacional

It is not a case obviously of mimetic imitations of what is demanded by anarchists of the north. How the ground moves beneath our feet The gilets jaunes: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Even though it is not common in libertarian thought to forget the ascendancy of State nationalisms — those silent nationalisms that would seem not to exist —, I will admit that problems have not been absent as regards this matter.

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