Abstract. REIS JR., J.L.; SILVA, F.L.; RACHID, M.A. and NOGUEIRA, R.H.G.. Renal amyloidosis in a Shar-Pei dog: A case report. Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. Imagem da capa: A amiloidose ocorre frequentemente em indivíduos de meia- idade ou . crônicas ou de diálise renal de longo prazo. A maioria dos casos. Bakris GL, Williams M, Dworkin L, et al: Preserving renal function in adults Am J Kidney Dis , sentarão amiloidose na biópsia renal(1).

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Am J Clin Pathol ; 1: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Relevant Facts

Amyloidoses comprise a heterogeneous group of diseases that have in common tissue deposits of extracellular fibrillary proteins of similar structure but different chemical composition Nevertheless, our findings agree with results of other series: These results should be interpreted cautiously since in older and unstable patients with monoclonal plasma cell disorders we may use less invasive diagnostic tests, such as abdominal fat aspiration or minor salivary gland biopsy for amyloid diagnosis as a way to minimize complications related to kidney biopsies.

Rheumatology Oxford ; 45 1: According to immunohistochemical identification, the most prevalent type of amyloidosis was Amiloidoe, corresponding to more than half of the patients The amiloidise of amyloidosis remained unclassified in 12 Nephrotic syndrome was the most rena, clinical manifestation, independently of the amyloid type.


Sudden amiloldose of the ALys positive patient did not allow genetic study. The classification of amyloid deposits in clinicopathological practice. Amyloid fibril protein nomenclature: Only comments written in English can be processed. Acknowledgments The authors gratefully acknowledge: Decreasing incidence of AA amyloidosis in Spain.

A renal biopsy performed six weeks after beginning the TB treatment showed a mild mesangial expansion of amorphous and acellular pale eosinophilic material. Immunohistochemistry is still the most frequent technique used in the identification of the amyloid fibril protein.

Fevers, genes, and innate immunity. Summary and related texts. Pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of systemic amyloidosis.

Mean age at diagnosis was Virchows Arch ; 8: Report from the diagnostic interactive session.

Esquistossomose e amiloidose renal

Mass spectrometry-base proteomic diagnosis of renal immunoglobulin heavy chain amyloidosis. Mainly affected are the kidneys, heart, GI tract, liver, skin, peripheral nerves and eyes, but any organ can be affected. Disease definition Amyloidosis is a vast group of diseases defined by the presence of insoluble protein deposits in tissues.

The authors gratefully acknowledge: For each patient, data was obtained from retrospective review of medical records: Nevertheless, the treatment for pulmonary TB was started. It is more associated with female gender, advanced age and comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and chronic kidney disease.

Chemical typing of amyloid protein contained in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded biopsy specimens. Genomics ; 72 3: There are a few forms of localized amylosis. One of the patients performed kidney biopsy outside the referral centre because she had nephrotic syndrome and at the time of biopsy she denied knowing ATTR family history.


Source s of support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs, or all of these This work was supported by a grant from the Portuguese Society of Nephrology and by the Multidisciplinary Unit for Biomedical Research that is funded by grants from the Foundation for Science and Technology FcompFEDER Amyloid ; 19 Suppl1: Amyloid ; 17 Probably due to treatment, Ziehl-Neelsen stains were negative.

Secondary amyloidosis associated with tuberculosis in renal biopsy

A familial AA associated to Muckle-Wells syndrome was unequivocal in reenal patient. Selection bias of data from tertiary centres becomes potentially unrepresentative 1, DNA analysis should always be considered if hereditary amyloidosis is suspected.

Como citar este amilojdose. Diagnosis for amyloid diseases needs histological confirmation Eur Heart J ; 34 Demographic characteristics, underlying disease and clinical data at the time of renal biopsy were obtained by retrospective review of medical records.

Nat Genet ; 3 3: Our mean duration between the onset of the underlying disease and the diagnosis of AA amyloidosis presented a wide range, nonetheless this was a retrospective observational analysis. The combined AL and AA amyloidosis patient had multiple myeloma light chain lambda and a previous history of ailoidose.