LAN Switch WXR, WX, or 3Com Wireless LAN Controller. WX This guide This manual shows you how to plan, configure, deploy, and manage a. User guide • Read online or download PDF • 3Com WX 3CRWXA User Manual • 3Com Computer Accessories. User manual for the device 3Com WX 3CRWXA. Online user manual database.

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For each key up to fourtype the key value in the corresponding key box.

3Com WX 3CRWXA user manual – – Solve your problem

All—Radios use countermeasures against devices classified by MSS as rogues and against devices classified by MSS as interfering devices. English German 6 To specify the output directory for the site survey order, click the button This option applies only to coverage areas that are configured for coverage, not capacity.

The Clean Layout option automatically deletes all objects that meet the cleanup criteria, which you can modify. Importing or Drawing Floor Details Adding or removing a layer To add a new layer to a drawing, do the following: Contact Us, Telephone Technical Support And Repair Diagnostic error messages Details about recent configuration changes, if applicable To send a product directly to 3Com for repair, you must first obtain a return materials authorization number RMA.


The new channel assignments are reflected in the Coverage Areas panel. In a network plan, you define components of the network WX switches, MAP access points, and optional third-party access points. Page – Replacing a Switch and Reusing its Confi Page 97 Importing or Drawing Floor Details 6 To change the maximum size of objects to be removed, type the new horizontal and vertical dimensions in the X-axis and Y-axis boxes.

The Web-Start client simplifies installation and upgrade of the client. Uses TLS for encryption and data integrity checking. The warning lists the serial number and IP address.


Managing Faults Managing Faults Managing Faults By performing various tasks, such as acknowledging, unacknowledging, and deleting faults; you can manage all of the mannual alarms in 3WXM.

The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above – Print the manual. Alarm Summary—Shows faults alarms for WX switches.

Management Settings for the following management It describes how to reset preferences values and change options for network synchronization, user interface, persistence, tools, certificate management, RF planning, and 3WXM logging. W4400 can group these users by creating user groups, in order to simplify configuration.

If a configuration change occurs on a switch Changes in the network or in the network plan, so that the network and network plan are out of sync, 3WXM displays a message in a popup window to alert you that a change has occurred.


To disable the confirmation prompt, clear the Warn checkbox. WX switches using 3WXM. Debug — All events are shown, including debug messages.

Filtering Event Messages Filtering Events by When using the predefined filters, manusl can limit the events you see in Content Event tab by specifying criteria such as IP address, date, or text in the log message.

Page 1 to 32 alphanumeric characters, with no spaces or tabs.

3Com WX4400 Reference Manual

Generating A Wx Configuration Report Reporting Faults Perform the following steps to generate an Alarm Summary report: Each rogue is listed only once, even if multiple entries for the rogue appear in the Events Log. Client Summary—Shows activity, errors, and session information for network clients. If the bias for all connections is the same, the MAP selects the switch that has the greatest capacity to add more active MAPs.

To display the location of a client associated with the rogue: Wireless Service Parameters 7: Using The Monitor View Generating Rf Network Design Information Information report provides all of manua, necessary information for the physical installation of the 3Com Mobility System.