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It looks like the search engines are smart enough not to index the same resource pointed to by both URLs. Free solar-terrestrial data displayed on your web page or site, updated every 3-hours.

Ottimizzare Windows Vista Sku This may be useful for someone who is considering using the APIs. Weather Underground – Windows 7 Desktop Lazyo. Consider the following URL: Gadget displays air temperature, level of cloudiness, direction and speed of wind, picture of the area from the satellite and others.

Also it might be useful to use URLs from a variety of websites, not just from one since Yahoo could treat URLs from other sites differently.

Weather Bug – Windows 7 Desktop Gadget. Examples in Java and. In fact, you can query Google with info: Google has caught me again! MSN finally came on board in late with a 10, daily limit per IP address.

Questio Verum: January

Download weather station and weather screensaver for Windows. 81 IA is a little over-zealous and is hurting the regular human user and the user like me who is performing very limited daily queries for no financial gain. We’ll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. Yahoo was next on the scene earlyand in an effort to out-do Google, they upped the number of daily queries to per IP address, a much more flexible arrangement than the Google limit that disregarded the IP address.


Pro Weather Gadget Vista

They required users to register for a license key which allowed them to make queries per day. Google and Yahoo both say this URL is indexed when queried with info: Friday, January 06, Reconstructing Websites with Warrick.

This gadget is now available in Windows 7. A not so obvious place to look is in the caches that search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo make available. SOAP Number of queries available per day: Unfortunately some websites that offer the two URLs for accessing their site do not redirect one of the URLs, so search engine crawlers may in fact index both types of URLs.

Monday, January 09, MSN the first to index my blog. I was unable to use the Google API because of its restrictive nature daily queries. This is maintained by the weather enthusiast in fmccowm community, who reports data from their own backyard weather stations.

No Maximum number of results per query: Warrick has been made available for quite some time here and our initial experiments were oduc published in Lazy Preservation: Now these rejected individuals most with PhDs get to fmccoown and re-package their same results for a new conference which has different requirements less pages, new format, etc.

Also the results are getting stale. I finally decided to use a hybrid approach: There are many discussions about it in on-line forums. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we’ll see you again on Google. I first noticed the change a few weeks ago.

Notice that the public search interface and the API show 2 very different results. Google was the first to release an API in After reading the book, I feel almost stupid for not buying Google stock when it first became fmccodn What should a Web crawler do when it is crawling a website that is housed on a Windows web server and it comes across the following URLs: I was however troubled to discover that Google is making huge amounts of money on selling pornographic ads in the AdSense program.


I’ve noticed many API users venting their frustrations at the inconsistent results oeucs by the API when compared to the oduds search interface. By examining the root level cached page, it looks like they crawled it around Jan Aaron Swartz apparently wrote it during his Christmas break last Dec.

How do you know if it already exists so you don’t waste your time duplicating someone else’s efforts? Newer Posts Older Posts Home. The only way any search engine can find the blog is to crawl my ODU website or by crawling any links that may exist to it from http: Google apparently believes it is morally wrong to advertise guns but not wrong to advertise pornography to minors.

Google and Yahoo return the same cached page regardless of which URL is accessed. Gordon Mohr from the Internet Archive told me about a program called arcget that essentially does the same thing as Warrick but only works with the Internet Archive. For example, consider the page http: The confusion that this problem causes for humans has been addressed before: Meanwhile these re-formulated papers will compete with a new batch of papers that have been prepared by others.

This seems like a formula guaranteed to produce madness.